Soh Daiko’s 100 Club Reign: Their Top 5 Reasons for Joining TCA

New York’s Soh Daiko has been one of TCA’s biggest supporters.  Since our original, charter membership drive in 2013, Soh Daiko has consistently remained in THE 100 CLUB, meaning 100% of their current group members are also members of TCA.  As amazing ambassadors of TCA, they have compiled their top 5 reasons for joining TCA!

1. We believe in the mission of TCA.

TCA empowers the people and advances the art of taiko.  For more information about TCA’s mission and a look back at our initial launch meeting, check out our Launch Meeting Event Archive.


Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason leads a discussion on TCA’s Core Values discussion at the TCA Launch Meeting in 2013.

2. We believe in the North American Taiko Conference.

In 2015, TCA held its first North American Taiko Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 450 taiko enthusiasts gathered together and enjoyed 4 days of taiko! Join TCA in Portland for NATC 2019.

3. We believe in working to advance the art of taiko together with other community members.


Soh Daiko members are pictured with members of Hoh Daiko (Seabrook Buddhist Temple, New Jersey) and Nen Daiko (Ekoji Buddhist Temple) for Nen Daiko’s 20th Anniversary concert in 2014. (Photo credit: Evan Michio Photography)

4. We support efforts to preserve the history while continuing to grow the community.

Soh Daiko - Alan Talk

One of Soh Daiko’s founders, Alan Okada gives a history of taiko talk at NATC 2015.

5. We are Soh Daiko and Soh Daiko doesn’t give less than 100%! (obviously)

Soh Daiko 100 Club 2018

The 2019 Membership Drive is live now!
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In 1979, Soh Daiko was established as the first taiko drumming group on the East Coast under the guidance of the New York Buddhist Church. The group began as a youth activity by members of the New York Buddhist Church after the Young Buddhist Association saw Chicago’s taiko group at an Eastern Young Buddhist League convention. Organized by membership chairman Mamoru “Mo” Funai and adult advisors – Jim Moran, Merle and Alan Okada – they started a taiko group with a grant from the Church. With this small grant, they learned to make barrel drums with help from Chicago and Kinnara taiko groups and David Matsushita. Soh Daiko’s current membership numbers about 16, with diverse backgrounds and professions.