2017 Year End Lookback

2017 was a huge year for TCA.  Check out the list below for a lookback at some of this year’s highlights!  Any way you slice it, 2017 was a whirlwind of excitement, and we cannot thank you enough for being part of our community.


NATC Group Photo (2)

During the weekend of August 10-13, TCA took up residence at the University of California San Diego for the North American Taiko Conference.  2017 marked 20 years since the first NATC happened in 1997 in Los Angeles, CA.  Over 700 taiko enthusiasts gathered for a weekend of workshops, performances, and discussions led by taiko leaders from around the world.  The 10th NATC offered a few different experiences to participants as well.  For the first time, participants were given the option of a more intensive workshop experience with three Mini Intensives offered in composition, movement, and Edo Bayashi.  Workshops were selected by an algorithm, and we offered a slightly altered workshop schedule to make the most of our time and resources.  Many thanks to our staff and innumerable volunteers for their work on this year’s conference. It was definitely one for the record books, and we can’t wait to get started on NATC 2019!

To relive the NATC magic, check out the links below:

NATC 17 Opening Session

Taiko Ten: Celebration Community Concert

Closing Slideshow

NATC Evaluation Summary


STI deadline extended (1)

2017 also marked the return of the Summer Taiko Institute gatherings with our pre-NATC WOMEN IN TAIKO event, and our post-NATC EDO KOTOBUKI JISHI program.  Contrasting the hustle and bustle of the larger North American Taiko conference, Summer Taiko Institutes (STIs) are offered for a more intensive, immersive experiences.  The Women in Taiko Institute drew 45 participants from across the globe to celebrate accomplishments and discuss ongoing challenges faced by females in the taiko community.  Edo Kotobuki Jishi featured world renown shishimai dancer and musician Kyosuke Suzuki of the Wakayama Shachu style of shishimai.

Women in Taiko NATC Opening Session Performance

Women in Taiko Taikothon Submission

Edo Kotobuki Jishi



TCA was proud to be able to provide scholarships to four collegiate taiko players to attend NATC 2017: Anthony Quach, UC San Diego Asayake Taiko; Lauren Takeyama, Cal Poly Pomona Touzan Taiko, Shelby Miyamoto-Kim, UC Berkeley Raijin Taiko; and Victoria Do, UC Riverside Senryu Taiko

More about the Collegiate Taiko Scholarship awardees


TJ for Newsletter (1)

As part of the 2017 North American Taiko Conference, TCA was proud to present the 2017 Taiko Jam concert featuring four premier taiko ensembles from across North America and special guests from Japan. The concerts were presented over two days at UCSD’s Mandeville Auditorium.


Winners for Newsletter

The North American Taiko community came together in a big way to help make this NATC a reality.  In our largest fundraising effort since the organization was founded, the community came together to raise over $50,000 in donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships for the 2017 Drummers’ Circle.  We are truly appreciative of every donation, and are humbled by the generosity of the community.  Thank you for helping us make NATC 2017 a reality.

WEBINARS: Costuming and Recording

Costuming webinar (3)

Before all the NATC planning got underway, we kicked off 2017 with our COSTUMING 101 series featuring Yuu Ishizuka, and coordinated and produced by Ai Matsuda.  Over the course of 3 segments featuring 12 videos, Yuu-san showcases the traditional ways of wearing and storing taiko costuming items such as obi, hanten, tabi, haragake, and more!

COSTUMING 101 Videos

Recording Kumidaiko

Later in the year, we featured a recording taiko article by Isaku Kageyama and video by Chung Wan Choi to showcase some challenges, and share some best practices to consider when recording taiko drums.

Recording Documents


2017 TCA Mini Grants (1)

TCA’s mini grant program completed its first cycle in 2017, having successfully funded 3 taiko community projects, and saw over a 3x expansion for the next funding cycle.  In December of this year, the 2018 Mini Grant projects were announced, with 5 projects receiving funding for their events in 2018!

Mini Grant Projects

2017 TAIKOTHON “Then and Now”

2017 Taikothon

Taikothon 2017 featured submissions from groups and individuals around the world.  With a combined reach of over 2000 views, Taikothon was an exciting way to kick the TCA 2017 membership drive into high gear!  With segments ranging from personal stories of appreciation to taiko group features and performances, there is something for everyone!

2017 Taikothon Recordings


These projects were able to become reality thanks to the support of our members and volunteers.  Help us continue to empower the people and advance the art of taiko with a year end contribution.