2020 Membership Exceeds 500

Congratulations to the Membership team! The TCA 2020 Membership Drive surpassed 500 new and renewed memberships. And welcome to 22 new LIFETIME members! Were you drawn by the promise of Board Chair Derek Oye's carpet-cutting style? The charm of our regional captains? Or the endearing regional mascots created by Membership Committee member Anne Keesing?

If you missed Derek's celebratory dance the first time or want a second (or third?) look, click on the link below.

Derek's Membership Dance 2019

Whatever the incentive we are thankful for all of your support as we enter a new year, and cannot wait to spend 2020 growing together alongside all of you. THANK YOU!

The regional tallies will remain open throughout 2020 as we welcome new members and taiko enthusiasts into the community, so stay active in your area and let’s continue to find our regional taiko voices! How diverse will representation be in the Taiko Community Alliance in 2020? Visit the membership page to see the most recent regional tallies, and to join, renew, or purchase a gift membership for a special person in your taiko world.