2020 TCA Grants Awarded

Our largest Grant Program to date (mini no more!), we are excited to announce the award of $15,000 shared between five unique projects and programs in the North American taiko community. Read below to learn more about each of our 2020 grantees and be sure to mark your calendars if you are able to attend or support any of these upcoming events!

Learn more about the TCA Grant Program including guidelines, selection criteria, and past recipients by visiting our Grant Program page.

Eien Hunter-Ishikawa -
Edo Bayashi Gathering with Kyosuke Suzuki Sensei

The inaugural North American Edo Bayashi Gathering will take place in Portland, Oregon on July 17 – 19, 2020. We are inviting Kyosuke Suzuki sensei from Japan to be the lead instructor and presenter. 

The gathering will be open to anyone with interest in Edo Bayashi (traditional festival music of Tokyo) and Kotobuki Jishi (traditional lion dance of Tokyo). The 2.5 day assembly will consist of workshops, discussions on history, etiquette in traditional Japanese arts, and a lecture-demonstration presentation open to the public on the final day. There will be instruction geared toward participants who are new to Edo Bayashi, while other sessions will cover more advanced material for current practitioners of the art form.

Learn more about this gathering and Kyosuke Suzuki sensei at https://www.eienhunterishikawa.com.

Kristofer Bergstrom - 2020 Taiko Composition Residency Tour

“Three recent influences have profoundly changed my taiko playing and increased my enjoyment of drumming: playing to music, extended naname technique, and movement theory from the dance world.  In early 2020, I’m sharing these influences with taiko players in a teaching and composition residency tour with dancer Minh Nguyen.  In addition to teaching one-time workshops and two-day intensives, we’ll do one-week residencies with a number of the ensembles, writing rhythms, choreography, and electronic music for the ensembles inspired by sounds and gestures discovered on tour.”

Learn more about this project by visiting https://k- -b.org/2020-tour.

Photo by Pelle Cass.

San Jose Taiko - 2020 Taiko For All Gathering

San Jose Taiko will host a 2-day Taiko for All Gathering on 4/18 – 4/19/2020 that brings together up to 30 taiko leaders who are currently using taiko to build inclusivity and wellness with various populations. The goal of this gathering is to share experiences and best practices for the meaningful work many of us are doing through taiko. How do we recognize/support each other as we increase the accessibility of this art form and use it to promote a healthier and more inclusive community? What are some obstacles we’re all facing as we explore the use of taiko outside of performance?

Learn more about this event at: taikoconservatory.org/taikoforallgathering


Tsuru-min Taiko - A Tsuru for Solidarity Gathering

Tsuru-min Taiko will be a gathering of 100 taiko players and drums in Washington, DC on June 6, 2020 as one element of the National Pilgrimage to Close the Camps, now being organized by Tsuru for Solidarity (TFS). Taiko players from around the country will line the march route down The Mall at pre-selected stations to provide inspiration and encouragement to the marchers (similar to stations along a marathon), culminating in a rally and presentation of 125,000 Tsuru either at the White House or the Washington Monument, with taiko playing at the site to unite and arouse those attending and to serve notice to those in power that we must #StopRepeatingHistory.

Learn more at https://tsuruforsolidarity.org/ and if interested in participating, reach out to your local representatives:

  • Stan Shikuma/Seattle
  • Courtney Ozaki/Denver
  • Mark H Rooney/Washington DC
  • Karen Young/Boston

Women and Taiko: Fellowship Program

The Women & Taiko Fellowship Program is a new 7-month leadership program (piloted in 2019) for emerging AND established (but unseen or under recognized) taiko artists. The Fellowship program, led by Michelle Fujii and Karen Young will select up to 8 fellows who will explore their taiko journeys while tapping into a well of professional development resources centered around the Center for Asian Pacific American Women’s Whole Person Leadership model. Each fellow will be provided tools as well as a network of support to work toward their defined artistic and leadership goals. Additionally, they will present a Community Learning Project that they will develop over the course of this program.

Stay tuned for updated and learn more at https://www.womenandtaiko.org/fellowship-program.

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