TCA’s Data Team 2015


TCA is grateful to have many dedicated volunteers committed to empowering the people and advancing the art of taiko.  This week, we’d like to feature a key group of volunteers who are working to make sure that TCA’s membership data remains clean and organized.  The TCA Data Team takes all our membership submissions and processes them through our Salesforce database each week.

Many, Many thanks to Linda, Leyla, Sue, Natalie, Lisa, and Cathy (clockwise from Top Left).  In appreciation for all you do, enjoy this rhyme from us to you!

Twas a months-long campaign with much data to enter
Like names and addresses for all of our members,
Payments to process and emails to send
Fields to update and Salesforce to mend
Progress to track and numbers to crunch
It’s Accurate and efficient for this data bunch.
Swiftly and soundly, each week the team gathers
To check in on progress and address the big matters.
Natalie, Cathy;  Lisa, Linda, Leyla, Sue
We’re thankful for all the work that you do.
And when you decide it’s time to renew,
Know that behind the scenes there are a few
Data team elves that work very hard
To click, copy, and send your membership card.
Our drive will continue through end of December
We ask that you all please try to remember:
Join or renew before New Year’s Day
And Happy Holidays from all of us at TCA.