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Q: Is TCA a non-profit?
Yes, we have received approval from the IRS, granting TCA tax-exempt, 501c3 status as of our creation in 10/12/2012.

Q: Are my membership fees and donation tax-deductible?
All membership fees and donations are tax-deductible to the amount allowable by law. You will receive a thank you letter, including TCA’s tax ID number, that you can use as your official tax receipt.

Q: Does TCA still require fiscal sponsorship?
As of the granting of our non-profit status, TCA no longer needs a fiscal sponsor. Many thanks to MarinLink who served as an intermediary as we waited for our 501c3 approval.

Q: I haven’t received my pledge collection email.  Where is it?
Please be sure to check your SPAM folders, or your “promotions” tab on gmail.  The pledge collection emails will be sent out on the morning of September 8th, 2014 from  If you haven’t received your membership pledge fulfillment letter, please email

Q: I pledged an additional donation, but only see my membership amount in my pledge collection email.
Please note that Membership pledges and extra donations are going to be collected separately, so please look out for multiple emails, if you made an additional pledge donation in addition to your membership pledge, you should receive TWO separate emails: one for membership, and a second for the additional donation.

Q: I made a pledge for a gift membership, but haven’t received a pledge collection letter for it.
Gift memberships should be included in DONATION email amounts. If you have a question about your total amount, please email


Q: How can I make a monetary donation to TCA?
A: Thank you for your interest in supporting TCA. Monetary donations and pledge fulfillments can be made starting on September 8th. A link to our Paypal account will be posted on our fulfillment page, and payment information will be made available also on September 8th.

Q: I’m not receiving TaikoBeat Newsletters. How can I be sure I receive them?
A: Some email newsletters might be sent to spam folders or may be sent to trash due to email filters. Please check your folders and filters and adjust settings to allow to send emails to your inbox. If you are not receiving any TaikoBeat newsletters and would like to sign up for them, please fill out this webform to be added to our email list.

Q: What will my donations and membership fees support?
A: All of our charter membership fees are initially supporting startup costs for TCA including, but not limited to, software membership fees and licenses; printing, mailing and postage costs; and eventual costs related to hiring staff (primarily an Executive Director and NATC15 Coordinator).

Q: How can I get involved in TCA activities?
A: TCA is currently operating on a completely volunteer basis. There are nine working committees handling various aspects of TCA’s start-up operations; a few still have positions open to TCA Charter Members. If you are interested in serving on a working committee, email

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