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Mission and Core Values


Our Mission

To empower the people and advance the art of taiko.


Our Core Values

TCA chooses to conduct itself as an organization in accordance with these values and principles.


Acknowledging the diversity of philosophies and practices of individuals and groups within the taiko community while maintaining neutrality, we will:

  • Use democratic processes wherever feasible; and
  • Engage in mutually considerate and respectful conduct.


Heritage & Evolution

Actively honoring the past as we look to the future of taiko, we will:

  • Celebrate tradition and foster innovation in the art of taiko;
  • Respect the wisdom, generosity, and dedication of past and current leaders while developing the next generation;
  • Identify and seek new ways to serve the evolving needs of our membership; and
  • Recognize the mutually enriching influences of the global taiko community.



Understanding the transformative power of taiko for both individuals and groups, we will:

  • Support avenues to develop artistic excellence;
  • Foster an inspirational environment; and
  • Encourage the creation of shareable knowledge and resources for those interested in taiko.



Believing that everyone has the freedom to play taiko and participate in the taiko dialogue, regardless of who they are or where they come from, we will:

  • Continually seek to broaden the base of participation in the taiko community and reach out to welcome new members into TCA;
  • Embrace differing perspectives and voices within the taiko community;
  • Nurture connections within and beyond the TCA, and regularly facilitate in-person gatherings and events to strengthen our community; and
  • Provide the means to make participation at every level in TCA accessible to all.



Appreciating the trust placed in us by the diverse stakeholders of the TCA, we will:

  • Maintain open, accountable, and accessible governance; and
  • Encourage the free and responsible exchange of ideas between TCA’s membership and leadership.