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All of TCA’s programs and operations are developed and executed by volunteers. Individuals across the globe meet regularly to discuss issues, organize events and programs, secure funding, and move our organization forward. The main functions of TCA are overseen and run by the committees listed below.

Board Committees




Board and Volunteer Committees


The Communications Committee’s primary goal is to adhere to TCA Core Value of Communicating with Transparency. It’s purpose is to communicate decision-making processes in advance whenever possible, create and distribute update emails/newsletters to membership on a monthly or quarterly basis, create, maintain, and update website and social media, post Board Meeting notices, agendas, minutes, and work closely with all other Working Committees in order to communicate progress on all levels to membership

Current Members
Ben Pachter (Co-Chair, Board Member) – Dublin, OH
Carley Okamura (Co-Chair, Board) – Edmonton, Alberta
Sarah Gilbert (Staff) – Manhattan Beach, CA
Jen Caballero – Las Vegas, NV
Robie La – Los Angeles, CA


The Development Committee’s main goal is to raise funds to sustain and support TCA operations, initiatives, NATC, and other TCA projects through primarily contributed revenue, without knowingly hindering other taiko artists/group/organizations. Its purpose is to monitor, report, and acknowledge individual and grant support while working closely with other related committees.

Current Members
Kelly Kuwabara (Co-Chair, Board Member) – Newport, NJ
Courtney Ozaki (Co-Chair, Staff) – Denver, CO
Derek Oye (Board) – Los Angeles, CA (Board)
Paul Sakamoto (Board) – Hilo, HI (Board)
Kristina McGaha (Staff) – Tucson, AZ (Staff)
Mary Ann Kadooka – Honolulu, HI


The Membership Committee’s main objective is to evaluate membership levels, fees, benefits, and TCA’s value proposition. The committee’s responsibilities include but are not exclusive to monitoring, collecting, and acknowledging membership dues, engaging community through outreach initiatives, and working closely with other related committees.

Current Members
Tamiko Ooka (Co-Chair) – New York City, NY
Courtney Ozaki (Co-Chair, Staff) – Denver, CO
Margaret McKenty – Winnipeg, Manitoba (Board)
Kelly Kuwabara – Newport, NJ (Board)
Toni Yagami – Denver, CO
Keiko Yamamoto – Somerset, NJ


The HEART Committee (HEART stands for Humility, Empathy, Anti-Racism, Resourcefulness, and Transparency), was formed in 2020 to build IDEAS (Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, Accessible Spaces) and integrate these values and goals into all of TCA’s internal and external practices and platforms.

Current Members:
Daniel Hayman (Co-Chair, Board Member) – Seattle, WA
Carley Okamura (Co-Chair, Board Member) – Edmonton, Alberta
Derek Oye (Board) – Los Angeles, CA
Courtney Ozaki (Staff) – Denver, CO 
Kristina McGaha (Staff) – Tucson, AZ
Wanda Kurctu – CA
Michelle Fujii 
Emma Valentine  


The NATC Committee assumes the role previously service by the NATC Advisory Board. Its duties include: outline and supervise planning for NATC, assist Local Planning Group (associated with site logistics) and NATC Coordinator in planning, oversee content for plenary/closing/discussion sessions (including the Summer Institute), and work closely with other related committees.

Current Members
Wisa Uemura (Co-Chair) – San Jose, CA
Derek Oye (Co-Chair) – Los Angeles, CA
Courtney Ozaki (Staff) – Denver, CO
Kristina McGaha (Staff) – Tucson, AZ
Sarah Gilbert (Staff) – Manhattan Beach, CA
Toni Yagami – Denver, CO
Mark H. Rooney – Washington, DC
Stuart Paton – Burlington, VT
Dan Kubo – Turlock, CA
Chris Kubo – Turlock, CA
Jen Caballero – Las Vegas, NV
Ger Tysk


The Program Committee’s purpose is to employ TCA’s existing tech, financial, and human resources to provide meaningful and enriching programs for the taiko community such as TCA Grants, educational and professional development webinars, the Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group (CTAG), the TCA online calendar, and work closely with other related committees.

Current Members
Rome Hamner (Co-Chair) – San Jose, CA
Margaret McKenty (Co-Chair) – Winnipeg, MB
Tamiko Ooka – New York, NY
Ben Pachter – Dublin, OH
Carley Okamura – Edmonton, Alberta
Wanda Kurctu – CA


The CEC aims to engage, advise and support our collegiate taiko community in a variety of ways. CTAG, our Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group is comprised of alum, professionals, and experts that serve as an advisory resource for college groups in planning events like ECTC or ITI. The newer members of this committee joined in 2020 under the group name Collegiate Taiko Crisis Management team (CTCM). One of their first projects was Congra-CHU-Lations 2020, and they will continue launching engagement programs for collegiate taiko.

Current Members:
Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group
Alan Okada – New York, NY
Jane Lin – Santa Clara, CA
Steve Sano – Palo Alto, CA
Linda Uyechi – Palo Alto, CA
Sarah Gilbert – Manhattan Beach, CA

Collegiate Taiko Crisis Management Team
Ava Kovlakas 
Gloria Kum 
Jodi Scharf 
Angie Vuong
Josh Yoon 


The Tech Committee oversees the infrastructure for TCA-associated websites, SalesForce database, and other on-line tools. The Tech Committee supports the tech needs of other TCA committees, and provides teams of designers and developers to support TCA projects with tech needs.

Current Members
Linda Uyechi (Chair) – Palo Alto, CA
Danny Hayman (Board) – Seattle, WA
Paul Sakamoto (Board) – Hilo, HI
Sarah Gilbert (Staff) – Manhattan Beach, CA
Steve La – Los Angeles, CA
Abena Oteng-Agipong – Washington, DC
Peter Spangler – Mountain View, CA
Josh Yoon – East Palo Alto, CA