Join TCA’s Board of Directors


Are you a passionate taiko player or taiko appreciator?  Are you striving to be a leader and a catalyst for change in your community? Do you have ideas and a vision to shape the future of the taiko community?  Apply for a position on TCA’s Board of Directors!

The Application

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If elected, you join an incredible group of dedicated leaders, visionaries, and community builders who work together to achieve great things. TCA Board members have worked together to deliver two national taiko conferences, conduct a nationwide taiko community census, design an interactive community calendar, support diverse projects with funding through its Mini-Grants program, and much more!

Help us help YOU! While all of us, including TCA board members, are passionate about helping the taiko community, there is a vast diversity of skills and experience in the taiko community that would greatly strengthen TCA’s ability to support individuals and the greater taiko community in North America and beyond.

If you are ready to serve and influence TCA’s highest level of governance and leadership, READ ON!
For this election term, we are seeking candidates with any of the following skills or experiences:

  • FUNDRAISING  – annual campaigns, donor cultivation, grantwriting
  • HUMAN RESOURCES – compliance, hiring and onboarding
  • NONPROFIT ADMIN/MANAGEMENT – operations, policy & procedures
  • MARKETING/PUBLIC RELATIONS – branding, promotion of TCA activities

We also welcome the following expertise.

  • Technology – website development/maintenance, basic programming
  • Accounting – budget creation/management
  • Communications – specifically social media strategy
  • Attendance at past-NATCs
  • Geographic representation of the taiko community

The Responsibilities

The Board will support the work of the Taiko Community Alliance and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance by:
ADVOCATING for TCA and its core values and guiding principles
OVERSEEING TCA financial management and sustainability.
ESTABLISHING POLICY to guide TCA actions with values consistent with mission.
– SUPPORTING & CONTRIBUTING to TCA’s programs and fundraising goals.

The Duties

  • Be passionate about Taiko Community Alliance, its mission, purposes, goals, policies, and programs.
  • Attend the annual 2-day board retreat, and at least 75% (9 out of 11) of monthly teleconferenced board meetings. Dates and time of all meetings are provided at the annual retreat for the following 12 months.
  • Be a current Taiko Community Alliance member.
  • Attend and/or volunteer at the biennial North American Taiko Conference.
  • Contribute meaningful annual financial gifts.*
  • Fundraise to ensure the organization has enough money to carry out its programs and be financially stable.
  • Plan and/or volunteer for TCA activities outside of NATC.
  • Participate in at least one TCA Board-designated committee.
  • Suggest possible Board nominees to the Board Development Committee.
  • Possess a familiarity with and understanding of the taiko art form.

*It is standard practice for nonprofit boards to expect financial support from their board members. In order for TCA to credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals, TCA expects to have 100% of Board members make an annual contribution. TCA board members can freely determine their annual donation amount according to their capacity to give. We expect TCA to be among our Board members’ top five charitable contributions for the year.

TCA Board Members will serve a three-year term and may be re-elected to one additional three-year term.

The Process


  • Completed applications and any supplemental information is due to by April 30, 2019 11:59PM PST. BDC will vet the candidate prior to elections by the current board. Notification of elected candidates will be sent out by end of May.
  • Criteria for outright elimination of a nominee include any criminal record, past fraudulent behavior, or unverifiable references.
  • In cases where a candidate’s skills or experience do not fit the current board’s needs, BDC can recommend that the candidate withdraw their nomination. The results of the BDC vetting process will be communicated to the candidates in confidence.
  • TCA members may nominate themselves directly or may recommend someone who you believe would make a good candidate to the BDC and the BDC will reach out to the person regarding their interest. It is expected that a recommendation is made with the knowledge/approval of the potential nominee.
  • Questions can be addressed to the BDC Chair at