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Shock, grief, fear, and outrage can overwhelm us as details about anti-Asian attacks come pouring in. We at TCA have not immediately had the words to articulate all of our thoughts and feelings, but we do not want to remain silent. TCA’s heart, spirit, and love go out to the loved ones of the

The Taiko Network – How Our Community is Connected

Have you ever thought about how we are all connected in the taiko community? As promised, Taiko Census team member Josh Yoon utilized data collected from our 2020 Taiko Census and generated our first-ever Taiko Social Network – a visual representation of the ties we share as taiko players in an ever-growing community.

#FlashbackFriday – Celebrating Intergeneration Month

September is Intergeneration Month - a time meant to inspire us to reach across generations. What can you learn? What can you teach? What experiences do you share? The only way to know is to start the conversation. Check out this month's #FlashbackFriday to relive one of those conversations on the Taiko Jam 2015 stage.

#FlashbackFriday – Odori through the Ages

Following the lead of Kay Fukumoto and Maui Taiko, NATC 2019 attendees were taught about the traditions of Obon and learned the steps to Fukushima Ondo (Maui Taiko style). This was not, however, the first NATC where conference attendees danced Fukushima Ondo together, and though we are far apart now, we invite you to join us on this #FlashbackFriday with a dance. If you

Collegiate Taiko Leadership Discussion Series

Registration is currently closed.Please contact the representatives listed below with questions.Follow this event on Facebook for the most up-to-date news. Calling all current and aspiring collegiate taiko leaders! Join us for our 3-week collegiate taiko leadership discussion series. This virtual space will be for directors, coordinators, and other collegiate taiko leaders

TCA Emergency Relief Fund

The TCA Emergency Relief Fund was created to provide emergency financial support for taiko professionals. It has become evident that the impact of the pandemic will last much longer than originally predicted and the need for these funds persists. To that end, we will be accepting applications toward a second round of awards from this fund over the next few weeks from June

The Obon Music Project

In support of a growing number of virtual Bon Odori entering the summer 2020 festival scene, several artists in the taiko community have graciously granted permission to compositions, performances, and recordings to be freely available for Obon festivals, whether they are virtual or in-person. If you are planning an Obon festival in the future, please feel free to use any

Flashback Friday – PJ Hirabayashi Presents: TaikoPeace

In 2015, through TCA’s Taikothon event, PJ Hirabayashi spoke about the movement TaikoPeace, and of her experience transitioning into “re-wire-ment.” What is her next stage? Does her taiko passion have a place in our world that’s going through troubled times and intense change? How can she take her taiko passion to have a deeper and more […]