Board Meeting – 2/11/17

TCA Board Meeting

Feb 11, 2017, 1:30-3:00PM Pacific

via in-person (at Board Retreat, Los Angeles)



  1. Called to Order at 1:31 PM PST
    1. Present: Elise Fujimoto, Rome Hamner, Jane Lin, Margaret McKenty, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Tamiko Ooka, Derek Oye, Stuart Paton, Stan Shikuma, Wisa Uemura, Toni Yagami
    2. Present for NATC portion of meeting: Terry Nguyen (NATC Conference Coordinator)
    3. Regrets:
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. Jan 11 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes postponed to next Board meeting by agreement.


  1. Committee Reports (received in writing as part of “consent agenda” except where Board discussion or motions noted)
    1. Finance Committee (Chair: Wisa Uemura):
      1. Met: 01/31/17 as Exec Comm with Advisors
      2. Membership: Wisa (chair), Derek, Stan, Jane, Margaret, (ie Exec Comm) plus Alan and Johnny.
      3. Dec 31 2016 Year End Financial Report includes proposed 2017 Operating Budget and revised NATC17 Budget
      4. Jan 31 2017 YTD Financial includes same proposed 2017 TCA Operating Budget and revised NATC17 Budget
        1. ACTION: Board discussion then approval (if needed) of NATC17 Budget as revised at meeting
        2. ACTION: Board discussion then approval of 2017 TCA Operating Budget as revised at meeting
        3. Motion to approve both 2017 TCA Operating Budget as revised (& impacting NATC 2017 Budget) (Rome/Jane): Carried unanimously.
      5. Budget adjustments & assumptions that require actioning: $20K in grants (Japan Society & CAC); $145K registration revenue across all levels (TBD); $30K concert tickets (no discounts & no sponsor comps); Taiko Jam Producer honorarium reduced from $10K to $5K.
      6. 2015 Tax Filings to be approved by Exec Comm/Finance
      7. Next Meeting: Feb 28, 7-8:30PM (during Exec Comm mtg)
    2. NATC Coordinator Update (Terry Nguyen):
      1. Qualcomm Institute venue contract
        1. Motion to approve revised venue contract (and any other contract pending that aligns with approved budget) (Elise/Wisa): Carried unanimously.
      2. UCSD Housing contract
        1. Lower Marshall Apartments Floor Plan
        2. Guaranteeing 130 beds (25% deposit required, $7K by April 1); maximum 159 available
        3. Meal plan is included automatically (no opt-out). Quiet hours as specified.
        4. Late/early check-in/out fee – No additional fee if people check-in/out with UCSD staff only
        5. Motion to approve UCSD Hospitality & Conference Services (=Housing) contract (Wisa/Elise): Carried unanimously.
    3. NATC Committee Report (Chair: Stan Shikuma):
      1. Registration launch: March 15 decided at 2/1 NATC Comm meeting
      2. Qualcomm Institute venue contract & UCSD Housing contract (see above)
      3. NATC Schedule
        1. Marketplace hours
        2. Friday schedule
      4. NATC Budget
      5. Taiko Jam
        1. Hiring of TJ Producer
        2. Performing groups
      6. Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 22 @ 8PM
    4. Board Development Committee (BDC) (Chair: Wisa Uemura)
      1. Met: N/A
      2. Membership: Wisa (chair), Ron Miyamura, Rome, and Toni
      3. Board Recruitment List
        1. Candidate List and current Board priorities for skills need to be discussed/revised [Discussion postponed]
        2. Process:
          1. Recruitment begins March 1
          2. Deadline to apply April 15
          3. Applicant Vetting by BDC by April 30
          4. Candidate slate sent to Board May 1
          5. Elections at May 8 meeting
          6. Notifications by May 15
        3. TCA website and applications have been updated to reflect 2017 dates.
      4. Next meeting: being scheduled
    5. Executive Committee (Chair: Derek Oye)  
      1. Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 28, 7:00-8:30PM Pacific
    6. Membership Committee (Chairs: Margaret McKenty and Derek Oye)
      1. Met Jan 25/17, 7:00-8:30PM Pacific
      2. Committee changes:
        1. Natalie H & Derek stepping off (but still willing to act as advisors at need)
        2. Margaret continuing as (co)chair, w/ Toni & Tamiko training to co-chair; Yuri continuing
        3. More Memb Comm volunteers needed – recommendations? (please!)
      3. Next meeting: TBD February, post-Board Retreat
    7. Fundraising Committee (Chairs: Rome Hamner and Derek Oye)
      1. NATC Sponsors: asks and Board liaison designations [Discussion took place during Board Retreat Sunday Feb 12]
      2. CAC 2017 app submitted, $15K ask (earmarked for NATC staff)
      3. Developing campaign for indl/group donations (Drummer’s Circle)
      4. Next meeting: TBD
    8. Programming (Chair: Elise Fujimoto and Jane Lin)
      1. Met on: Saturday, 2/4, 4:30pm
      2. Costuming 101:
        1. +40 Youtube subscribers
        2. Final video was posted on 2/10
        3. Final report coming at March meeting
      3. ECTC Presence (February 17-19)
        1. Ben Pachter and Jane Lin will be attending
        2. TCA Events:
          1. Friday livestream (tentative)
          2. Saturday Livestream
          3. Sunday Livestream
      4. Recording Webinar Update:
        1. Expected Launch: mid May-mid June
        2. Project is within budget ($300)
        3. Awaiting speaker feedback for final schedule, but aiming for similar format as Costuming 101 with additional blog feature.
      5. Collegiate Update (Jane)
        1. ECTC – Happening next weekend!
          1. Board members present will be Jane, Alan, and Tamiko. Linda and Ben will be also be there.
          2. Been meeting weekly with coordinators to advise on any final questions.
        2. ITI 2017 @ UCLA
          1. Have not been meeting with them on a consistent basis despite multiple requests.
          2. Recently reached out to us with questions on optional workshop ideas and workshop leader payment.
          3. Met on 1/18 with UCLA but coordinator prefers to email rather than meet on a regular basis.
        3. ITI 2018/2019 @ UCR/Stanford
          1. Both groups have reached out to start discussions on how to start preparing to host a conference. Conversations have been mainly centered around facilities and budget.
          2. Stanford may look into making “long-term” changes.
        4. Membership: Linda, Steve, Tyler Brown (Stanford alum); Lisa Wolbert, Gloria Kum, Eric Amemiya (UC Davis alums); Megan Matsumoto (UCSD alum); Hiro Ogikubo, Kazu Shirai (UC Irvine alum)
      6. Next Meeting: Saturday March 4, 4:30pm
    9. Tech Resources (Chair: Linda Uyechi)
      1. Meetings
        1. Full team meeting: Saturday, Jan. 14
        2. Geek outs, partial team: 1.6 (Sue, Peter, Linda), 1/13 (Sue, Linda), 2.3 (Kate, Linda)
        3. NATC registration: 1/25 (Elise, Sue, Terry, Linda), 1/29 (Wisa, Sue, Elise, Terry, Derek, Linda)
        4. Next full team meeting: Saturday, Feb. 25, 9 a.m. PST
      2. Membership: Linda (chair), Peter, Sue, Elise, Kate, Angie.
      3. Salesforce support [Discussion postponed]
        1. TCA Tech: SF Support Contract Position Proposal
      4. NATC Registration
        1. Sue is developing the system on-time. Barebones system tested 1/31.
        2. Sue waiting for workshop information.
        3. No problems anticipated in meeting full system delivery by 3/15 (NATC delayed target).
      5. TCA Tech Use Policy
        1. Starting to develop a document to address TCA data use
          1. data access: who has access to what data and why; confidentiality agreement.
          2. data security
          3. data organization and long-term storage
      6. Taiko Census data to be shared @ECTC and @NATC (tbd)
      7. ECTC Survey
        1. Applying Kate Walker’s survey process, developed for ETC, to ECTC. The hope is that the process and tools could be scaled to NATC. Tools and data being stored in tech@tca account.
      8. On-line census tool and data visualization tools
        1. continuing to develop these resources
    10. Comm Comm (Chair: Jen Callabero and Elise Fujimoto)
      1. Met on: 1/11 (NATC) 2/6 (Comm Comm)
      2. Working on:
        1. NATC Communications outreach timeline
          1. Internal:
            1. Website content deadline (Draft 1): February 17th [Discussion postponed]
            2. Website draft 1 ready: February 20th
          2. External (aiming to create in February):
            1. Press packet:
              1. Advertising materials:
                1. Postcard (print)
                2. Postcard (online)
              2. NATC Press release
            2. Postcard distribution at ECTC
            3. Facebook/email comms campaign with weekly updates about NATC
            4. TCSD Directives for February:
              1. Community Calendar posting
              2. Proofreading website, mostly internal pushes
              3. Publicity, “Welcome to San Diego” video
      3. Next meeting: Sunday, Feb. 12 (phone)
  2. New Business:
    1. Revised Board Meeting Protocols (Derek/Jane/Margaret): Clarified at Board Retreat on Sunday Feb 12
    2. Confidentiality of SF Data (Johnny): Reminder that access should be on Need-to-Know basis
    3. Annual Board Meeting: Wednesday Aug 9 (all-day; before NATC)
  3. Action Items (for All Board Members unless otherwise noted) and Agenda Items postponed/tabled for further discussion:
    1. BDC: Candidate List and current Board priorities for skills
    2. Tech Resources: SF Support Contract Position proposal
    3. Comm Comm: NATC Communications outreach
  4. Announcements
    1. Next Board Meeting: Mar 17/17
  5. Motion to adjourn (Stan /Toni). Meeting adjourned at 3:11 PM PST by consent.
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