Board Meeting – 3/17/17

TCA Board Meeting

March 17, 2017, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific

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  1. Called to Order at 6:33 PM PST
    1. Present: Elise Fujimoto, Rome Hamner, Jane Lin, Margaret McKenty, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Tamiko Ooka, Derek Oye, Stuart Paton (late), Stan Shikuma, Wisa Uemura, Toni Yagami
    2. Also present: Terry Nguyen (NATC Conference Coordinator)
    3. Regrets:
  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. Jan 9 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes after re-formatting and unlinking documents (Alan/ Wisa). Motion carried unanimously.
    2. Feb 11 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes after re-formatting and unlinking documents (Alan/ Stan). Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Committee Reports (received in writing as part of “consent agenda” except where Board discussion or motions noted)
    1. NATC Committee & Coordinator Update (Stan Shikuma/ Terry Nguyen):
      1. Met: 2-22-17 and 3-8-17
      2. Membership: Stan Shikuma, Johnny Mori, Terry Nguyen, Derek Oye, Alan Okada, Elise Fujimoto, Toni Yagami, Stuart Paton, Heidi Varian, Jen Caballero, Mark H Rooney, Dan Kubo, Diana Wu
      3. NATC Website went live last week; Early Bird Registration for TCA members opened 3-15-17
      4. UCSD Facilities contract signed and submitted in Feb for $72,000 max; UCSD Housing and Meal Plan contract will also be run through Qualcomm, so will get added to the total bill but should be revenue neutral (or slightly positive), plus no deposit needed
        1. On-campus housing will be offered on first-come-first-serve basis to registrants & initial block in Lower Marshall is anticipated to be fully booked if registrations meet targets
        2. 3-Night package only offered at present (Thurs dinner in, Sunday lunch out)
        3. Meal Plan: includes 9 meals (with box lunch on Fri, Sat & Sun) for on-campus participants; Q whether to offer Full Meal plan option or Commuter plan (box lunch for Fri, Sat & Sun) option only for participants staying off-campus. Alternative food sources also on campus. Consensus to offer Commuter plan option only for off-campus participants.
      5. Marketing Goals:
        1. 400 by 4/30 = 400 registrations by April 30
          1. Status as of 5pm on 3/17: 81 reg = 20.25% (Now 92)
        2. 80 by 8/1 = 80% of Taiko Jam tickets sold by August 1
          1. Status as of 5pm on 3/17: 98 tickets = 7%
        3. $21,500 Drummer’s Circle donations by June 1
          1. Status as of 5pm on 3/17: $7280 = 34%
      6. Taiko Jam
        1. Performers: finalized >> Total Performers Fees = $7,500 (Kodo will cover all costs for Funabashi-san)
        2. TJ Producer: Goal: Hire by end of March
      7. ASL Interpreters: cost to hire at market rate = $3,500; too much, so will explore possibility of local volunteer interpreters at low/no cost
      8. Donations: Update on major cash & in-kind donors & sponsors: Asano USA, Miyamoto and  Asano Japan.
      9. Summer Taiko Institutes
        1. Proposal 1: Pre-NATC STI, August 8-9-10:  Women In Taiko: Past, Present, Future
          1. $8500 to produce; Reg Fee of $350 Regular/$175 College/Youth
          2. TIffany Tamaribuchi & Karen Young facilitators; Sarah Anderson logistical support
          3. Ideal number 30 / max 40; need ~23 reg fees to break even
          4. Marketing-wise more demand on TCA
        2. Proposal 2: Post-NATC STI, August 14-15-16: Kotobuki Jishi
          1. $7300 to produce; Reg fee = $450/person
          2. Kyosuke Suzuki Instructor, Eien Hunter Ishikawa as interpreter and assistant instructor
          3. Ideal number 20 / max 24; need 17 to break even
          4. Administratively more demand on TCA
        3. Elise & Terry will meet separately to develop STI partnership parameters & survey format for both proposals to circulate to Board for input/approval
        4. Specific request (re: pre-NATC STI, if it proceeds) to keep Wisa in the loop on content as she is curating “Women in Taiko” DS at NATC
      10. Discussion Sessions
        1. Ten curated sessions; Each curator/facilitator given $500/session to distribute.
        2. NOTE: Board members who were named by NATC Comm to curate session recused themselves (Rome Wisa, Elise) from this portion of meeting while payment was considered.
        3. Conflict of Interest principles applied: If payment is at market rate or less, and facilitators did not self-select for paid work, & are being paid at same rate as other facilitators, it’s not self-dealing or COI. Motion to approve payment as noted below (Alan/Tamiko) – carried unanimously (minus recusals).
        4. $4,500 allocated to cover 10 Discussion Sessions
          1. 5 sessions at $500
          2. 5 sessions at $400
      11. Next meeting: 3/22/17 or 3/29/17
    2. Comm Comm (Chair: Jen Caballero and Elise Fujimoto)
      1. Met: 2/25, 3/12
      2. Membership: Elise Fujimoto, Jen Caballero, [NATC: Diana Wu, Kathy Fuller, Stephanie Thompson] new: Gloria Kum
      4. Marketing Plan Assets
      5. Next meeting:  3/25
    1. Finance Committee (Chair: Wisa Uemura):
      1. Met: 2/28/17 during Exec Comm meeting
      2. Membership: Exec Comm (Derek Oye, Stan Shikuma, Jane Lin, Margaret McKenty, Wisa Uemura) plus Johnny Mori and Alan Okada.
      3. YTD Financial Report as of 02/28/17
        1. On Operational Budget tab, please note the inclusion of $7,000 projected in Drummer’s Circle donations under the 2017 Approved (column K). Since it was listed under 2017 NATC sub-budget during budget approval process (and only improves our projected surplus for operating), I consider it approved and have now included in the 2017 Org budget.
        2. Exec Comm approved the use of entire “Artist” fee line item ($41,500) to be used towards NATC Artist fees in order to cover Discussion Session honorariums.
          1. Recognition that this decision means Artist line item actuals will exceed projected numbers.
          2. Program Committee payments to Artists for non-NATC programming on hold until NATC registration projections are met.
      1. Tax Forms
        1. 2015 Federal and State Forms approved by Exec Comm at 2/28/17 meeting.
          1. Completing submission process.
        2. Exec Comm approved engagement of same CPA firm for 2016 filings.
      1. Next meeting: 03/28/17 at 7PM (during Exec Comm)
    1. Board Development Committee (BDC) (Chair: Wisa Uemura)
      1. Met: N/A
      2. Membership: Wisa (chair), Ron Miyamura, Rome, and Toni
      3. 2017 Election Process
        1. Board Recruitment List
          1. Candidate List and current Board priorities for skills need to be discussed/revised [Discussion postponed]
        2. Active recruitment has not yet started. Consensus to change critical dates (new dates in purple).
          1. Process:
            1. Recruitment begins March 1 (Mar 15)
            2. Deadline to apply April 15 (May 15)
            3. Applicant Vetting by BDC by April 30 (May 31)
            4. Candidate slate sent to Board May 1 (Jun 1)
            5. Elections at May 8 meeting (Jun 14)
            6. Notifications by May 15  (Jun 21)
            7. New member attendance to Board meetings begins July 14
        3. Please send any recommended names with contact info to Wisa. (Building a strong Board is one of any Board’s most important responsibilities!)
      4. Next meeting: after May 15
    1. Fundraising Committee (Chairs: Rome Hamner and Derek Oye)
      1. Met: 2/21/2017 – Crowdfunding; and 3/15/17
      2. Membership: Sue Yuen, Mary Jane Blystone, Ruth Lucas, Kathy Tanaka, Taiko Community SD
      3. Crowdfunding and new approach to Drummers Circle
      4. Parker grant submitted by TCSD ($10k)
      5. Derek and Terry have met with both Asano Taiko US and Miyamoto to discuss sponsorships
        1. Board members are asked to approach the sponsors they volunteered to manage. Refer to this webpage  in building your approach. Please follow through with your approach commitments. Please contact Rome if you have questions or updates.
      6. TCA signed a MOU with Japan Society San Diego & Tijuana. Waiting for returned signed copy.
        1. Applying for grant
        2. 20% administrative fees for grants awarded through MOU
      7. Next meeting: TBD
    1. Programming (Chair: Elise Fujimoto and Jane Lin)
      1. Met on: 3/4
      2. Membership: Ben Pachter, Ai Matsuda, Rome, Tamiko
      3. We reviewed what went well and didn’t go well for ECTC Livestreams and Costuming Youtube Series.
        1. ECTC Livestreams – Good proof of concept, but needed more planning and advertising.
        2. Costuming Youtube Series – Good feedback on short videos, successful in educating people on the selected topics. Would have helped to have a dedicated video person.
      4. Recording Series, headed by Ben Patcher, is still on track for May.
        1. Chung Wan Choi – A Walk Through on Concert Recording for Kumi-daiko: Setup on post production
        2. Joel Balestra – Soundproofing and Equipment (two separate topics)
        3. Isaku Kageyama – Basic Principles for Recording Taiko (this one will be a paper in lieu of a video)
      5. Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group
        1. Membership: Linda Uyechi, Steve Sano, Megan Matsumoto, Tyler Brown, Kazu Shiari, Gloria Kum, Eric Amemiya, Lisa Wolbert, Kota Mizutani, Alan Okada
        2. ECTC 2017 – Kota definitely help us get the word out there about TCA. Kota is on board to join the advisory to help out with ECTC 2018 and maybe beyond, depending on his life after college.
        3. ECTC 2018 – WIll be hosted by Taiko Tides of Stonybrook University and we will be advising them.
        4. Invitational 2017 – Not much contact from UCLA. The coordinator has been asking Lisa, Gloria, and Kazu questions here and there.
      6. Administration:
        1. Working on an evaluation form to collect event stats, best practices, and directly address goals for TCA.  Will tie to Strategic Framework once finalized.
      7. Next Meeting: 4/1
    2. Tech Resources (Chair: Linda Uyechi)
      1. Meetings
        1. Met: Saturday, Feb. 25, 9 a.m. PST
        2. Next meeting: Saturday, March 25, 2017. 9 – 10:30 a.m. PST
      2. Membership: Linda (chair), Peter, Sue, Elise, Kate, Angie.
      3. NATC Registration
        1. Launched: 3.15.17. Thank you Sue! and testers (Sarah, Ben, Peter,  Elise, Terry, Linda).
        2. Shift from first-come-first-served to algorithmic workshop assignment simplified the system but means that first-come-first-served system has been developed, not fully tested.
      4. Salesforce support
        1. Sarah Gilbert hired as SF contractor. Sue is on-boarding her.
      5. ETC and ECTC Conference Survey – data gathering
        1. Kate developed survey process for ETC; Linda applied same process to ECTC. Hope to use these experiences to inform survey process for NATC.
        2. ETC and ECTC reports should be available later this month.
      6. Digital Archiving
        1. Kate attending British library digital archiving training in London.
        2. Linda attending Personal Digital Archiving Conf. at Stanford.
        3. RE: NATC 2017 releases. Elise and Linda met to develop questions to use to confer with IP specialist. Sue is arranging a pro bono meeting with an IP attorney.
      7. Website infrastructure
        1. AWS Reserved instance renewed for one year.
    1. Membership Committee (Chair: Margaret McKenty)
      1. Met: Wed, March 15/17
      2. Membership: Margaret, Toni, Tamiko, Yuri Kanamaru, Derek (advisory)
        1. Need new blood to strengthen Memb Comm.
        2. We ask every Board member to please give us the name of potential volunteer in their region/network to contact.
        3. Memb Comm will also use other tactics to source new members.
      3. NATC preparation:
        1. Tech Resources are aceing membership “bump” – thank you!
        2. Thanks to Elise for reminder about “freebie” NATC registration awarded during Memb Campaign 2015 (plan to use Task function in SF in future).
        3. Need to liaise with NATC Comm (and Sue Y) on membership-related Q’s (different ribbons for different member categories; TCA/NATC-related merch order & potential to piggyback some low-cost giveaways as member rewards; possible booth or info table to promote TCA membership at NATC; logistics of collecting pledges or sign-ups for 2018)
        4. Must continue to build member benefits for non-NATC year
      4. For more ideas on Lifetime Member recognition, Memb Comm requests any data gathered from Board members’ outreach to Lifetime Members in Fall 2016 (please forward by email).
      5. Next meeting: Wednesday March 29, 8:00-9:00PM Pacific (per Meeting Scheduler)
    1. Executive Committee (Chair: Derek Oye)  
      1. Met: Tuesday Feb 28/17
      2. Membership: Derek, Stan, Wisa, Jane, Margaret, Alan, Johnny
      3. Past Meeting
        1. NATC Work Group (Terry)
          1. Registration
          2. Taiko Jam Producer Hiring Process
          3. NATC Budget
            1. Discussion Sessions
            2. Opening Reception
        2. Finance (see Finance Committee Report)
        3. Executive Committee’s Role & taking on “staff” type responsibilities
          1. Example: dealing with NATC Coordinator update & questions
          2. Board meetings over-focussed on ironing out operational questions are not good use of time
          3. Exec Comm has fiscal authority to approve/resolve many staff questions; can be used to expedite time usage in full-Board meetings
        4. Work Groups created at end of retreat tabled until after NATC
      4. Discussion of Strategic Framework – tabled to next meeting
        1. Review of our Goals and Strategies
          1. Goal 1: Increasing the awareness and understanding of taiko
            1. Collect and share knowledge about taiko, including its historical context and development.
            2. Facilitate exposure to and education about taiko performance and culture.
          2. Goal 2: Providing high quality programming and convenings to support taiko practitioners
            1. Find and foster new ways to use resources, including technology, to increase accessibility, broaden participation, and strengthen capacity.
            2. Facilitate and support in-person gatherings to nurture connections and encourage a free and responsible exchange of ideas and information.
          3. Goal 3: Evolving as a sustainable organization
            1. Evaluate and improve the foundation of existing organizational structure to meet current and future needs.
            2. Maintain and expand diverse revenue streams to be fiscally stable.
            3. Ensure leadership and staff are equipped with skills and effective means to serve the taiko community.
        2. Goal 2 Activities and Outcomes/Deliverables
        3. Vision Statement
      5. Next meeting: Tuesday, March 28, 7:00-8:30pm Pacific
  1. New Business:
    1. None at this time
  1. Action Items (for All Board Members unless otherwise noted):


  • Re STI proposals: Elise & Terry will meet separately to develop STI partnership parameters & survey format for both proposals, to circulate to Board for input/approval.
  • Board Development: Please send any names of recommended potential Board nominees (with contact info) to Wisa –  vetting & recruitment to commence immediately.
  • Fundraising Comm asks Board members to begin approaching the sponsors they volunteered for (at Board Retreat), using resources provided. Please contact Rome with questions or updates.
  • Memb Comm asks every Board member to please forward the name of one potential volunteer in their region/network to contact for recruitment to Memb Comm.
  • Memb Comm requests any data gathered from Board members’ outreach to Lifetime Members in Fall 2016 (please forward by email).


  1. Announcements
    1. Next Board Meeting: Sunday April 9/17, 6:30-8:30 PDT
  1. Motion to adjourn (Rome/Margaret). Carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM Pacific.


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