Board Meeting – 4/9/17

TCA Board Meeting

April 9, 2017, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific

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  1. Called to Order at 6:32 PM PST
    1. Present: Elise Fujimoto, Rome Hamner, Margaret McKenty, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Tamiko Ooka, Derek Oye, Stuart Paton, Stan Shikuma (late), Wisa Uemura, Toni Yagami
    2. Also present: Terry Nguyen (NATC Conference Coordinator)
    3. Regrets: Jane Lin
  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. March 17 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes (Alan/ Margaret). Motion carried unanimously.
  1. Committee Reports (received in writing as part of “consent agenda” except where Board discussion or motions noted)
    1. NATC Committee & Coordinator Update (Stan Shikuma/ Terry Nguyen):
      1. Met: 3/23/2017 & 4/5/2017
      2. Membership: Stan Shikuma, Johnny Mori, Terry Nguyen, Derek Oye, Alan Okada, Elise Fujimoto, Toni Yagami, Stuart Paton, Heidi Varian, Jen Caballero, Mark H Rooney, Dan Kubo, Diana Wu
      3. Hiring of Staff
        1. Roy Hirabayashi – Taiko Jam Line Producer
        2. Mark H Rooney – Assistant Coordinator
        3. Elise Fujimoto – Program consultant to TCA
          1. Elise recused self from Board meeting during discussion of this position
          2. Potential for conflict of interest discussed. The Board recognizes the effort Elise has already volunteered in assisting & mentoring Conf Coord (above & beyond that expected of other Board members), the reasonable & fair rate of compensation stipulated, and Elise’s unique combination of expertise & experience (as Comm Comm & NATC Comm rep & Taiko Census admin as well as past Conference Coordinator). Motion to approve contracting Elise as Program Consultant to TCA (Alan/Wisa). Motion carried unanimously.
        4. Call for interns forthcoming; commitment: June-August
      4. UCSD visit with Mark H Rooney – 3/28/2017
        1. Noise restrictions were raised at TCA initial site visit (surfaced again by UCSD later)
        2. Mandeville Auditorium door clearance for Odaiko: OK
        3. Housing can expand contract if demand is high.
  1.       Visa / Immigration update:
  1. Responsibilities shifted from Mark to Terry
  2. Necessary visas for artists are being processed.
  1.    STI
    1. Interest list extended to 4/18 deadline
      1. Women and Taiko: Breakeven 20, 16 yes, 48 maybes
      2. Shishimai, Breakeven 16, 10 yes, 11 maybes
    2. Board approval required to move forward with STI (since sign-ups not enough as of today’s date); if sign-ups not adequate as of April 18, need to decide threshold for decision to proceed or not.
    3. Women & Taiko STI sign-ups already at 80% of break-even.


  • Motion to approve Women & Taiko STI (Stuart/Rome); Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Recognition that ShiShiMai STI sign-ups are currently at 63% of break-even and 80% Y (= 13) may not be achieved by April 18 deadline. Motion to approve ShiShiMai STI, provided that identified donors will cover expenses up to $2,700 if needed. (Johnny/Elise). Motion carried unanimously.
  1.    Future of NATC
  1. NATC Comm discussed this at meeting on 4/5
  2. Stan distributed NATC 2019 RFP for NATC Comm review.
  3. What are the prospects for NATC 2019? What are the prospects of changing to an annual & smaller NATC after 2019, rather than current biennial model?
  4. Past NATC host groups/cities are resigned (prepared) to step up again. SoCal, NorCal & Pacific NW have the logistical capacity to host NATC of same size as formerly.
  5. Consensus to proceed with NATC 2019 RFP as planned.
  1.  Comm Comm (Chair: Jen Caballero and Elise Fujimoto)
      1. Met: 4/2/2017, 4/5/2017
      2. Membership:
      3. Continuing to help with NATC Campaign: SCHEDULE
        1. April Goals:
          1. 400 by 4/30!!! – REGISTRATIONS
          2. 600 Taiko Jam Tickets – Increased from 400 based on performance
          3. Current numbers as of 6:30, 4/9:
            1. Taiko Jam: 334 tickets sold total, majority on SATURDAY, under 100 on Sunday
            2. Registration: 308 participants!!!:
              1. Participant: 290
              2. Taiko Jam Participant: 18
              3. Observer: 31
              4. Vendor: 7
              5. Chaperone: 5
            3. TCA Memberships gained:
              1. Student: 17, $425
              2. Regular: 89, $4000
              3. Lifetime: 1, $1000
        2. April Comms Initiatives:
          1. 20 Years To NATC Timeline Countdown – TIMELINE LIST
          2. Why is NATC Important Series:
            1. By Organizers
            2. By Attendees
            3. By Performers
            4. By Workshop Leaders
          3. Taiko Jam Artist release announcements on Fridays
          4. Drummers Circle Classy introduction
        3. Taiko Jam External Marketing:
          1. Press release drafts (Taiko Jam, Taiko Ten) ready by 4/15
          2. Working with Qris on design for fliers and posters.  Local committee has identified MANY DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS.
            1. Upcoming key events for publicity in May, June, and July.
      4. Next meeting:  week of April 18th
    1. Finance Committee (Chair: Wisa Uemura):
      1. Met: 03/28/17 during Exec Comm meeting
      2. Membership: Exec Comm (Derek Oye, Stan Shikuma, Jane Lin, Margaret McKenty, Wisa Uemura) plus Johnny Mori and Alan Okada
      3. Unreconciled YTD Financial Report
        1. NATC cash inflow projections on target for month of March
      1. Tax Forms
        1. Filing extensions for 2016 submissions
      1. Next meeting: 04/24/17 at 7PM during Exec Comm meeting
    1. Board Development Committee (BDC) (Chair: Wisa Uemura)
      1. Met: N/A
      2. Membership: Wisa (chair), Ron Miyamura, Rome, and Toni
      3. 2017 Election: Recruitment/Cultivation
        1. Initial emails have been sent to individuals on the TCA Potential Board Member list.
        2. Thank you to those who have reached out to prospective Board members independently.
        3. Wisa can share a template email if there are others you’d like to approach.
        4. Please continue to add names, notes, contact emails, and any updates to the googlesheet. Be clear whether you will reach out, maintain communications, or if you prefer BDC assume contact.
        5. Deadline to apply is May 15.
      4. Next meeting: will meet after May 15 application deadline
    1. Fundraising Committee (Chairs: Rome Hamner and Derek Oye)
      1. Met: Wednesday, March 29th
      2. Membership: Rome, Derek, Sue Yuen, Mary Jane Balestra, Kathy Tanaka, Ruthie Lucas, TCSD Fundraising Committee
      3. Rome: Introduction to Guidestar for SD Fundraising
      4. Denied Parker Foundation
      5. Grants submitted
        1. to CAC – $5,000 for two consultants
          1. Roy Hirabayashi for TCA’s readiness to execute NATC
          2. Susan Yuen for evaluating TCA’s use of Salesforce
        2. To Manisseri Trust (SD) for $5k for NATC (submitted by TCSD)
      6. Drummer’s Circle
        1. Has raised $11,920 (!) with no real ask yet- actual launch is in May
        1. Goal is $54k- reasonable given the incredible response with the launch still
        2. Team fundraising via Classy
          1. Main page; there will also be a page for each team
            1. Teams are: NorCal, SoCal, Northwest, Southwest, Hawaii, Canada, TCSD, International, Midwest, East Coast
          2. Team Captains are needed (and will be recruited if not found as volunteers)
            1. Training provided- the last 2 weeks in April
      1. Please let Rome know if you’ve reached out to the folks you were going to approach (as identified at Board Retreat) and what their response has been; happy to provide reminders, let Rome know if you need one
      2. Next meeting: TBD
    1. Programming (Chair: Elise Fujimoto and Jane Lin)
      1. Met on: 4/1/2017
      2. Membership: Ben Pachter, Ai Matsuda, Rome, Tamiko
      3. TCA Recording Project (Ben) still planned for May release on Fridays:
        1. Isaku article
        2. Joel Balestra – Turning practice space into recording space
        3. Chung Wan Choi – Recording Soh Daiko’s concert
        4. Shoji Kameda – article or video – needs confirmation
      4. Archiving webinar:  Joint effort with TCA Tech Comm research about Creative Commons, Copyright and Archiving.  
        1. We secured a meeting on Monday 4/10 with Iris Brest, former ED of Creative Commons to ask about best practices, creative commons use, suggestions for our org.
        2. Linda and Kate attended archiving conferences at Stanford and London respectively and have identified a few resources for further investigation
        3. Next Step: Linda and Elise will revisit the TCA archive boxes at SJT and start cataloging what we have to identify white space and support the NATC History Project going into NATC and for the 50th Anniversary.
        1. Would appreciate Feedback – proposal is not complete yet, but wanted to notify the Board of this initiative for visibility and input.
      6. Next Meeting: 5/6/17, 4:30pm PDT
    2. Tech Resources (Chair: Linda Uyechi)
      1. Met: 4.8.2017
      2. Membership: Linda (chair), Peter Spangler, Susan Yuen, Elise Fujimoto, Kate Walker, Angie Ahlgren, Sarah Gilbert (new)
      3. Plans made to accommodate NATC functions: register volunteers, Taiko Jam external ticket sales, STI, Drummer’s Circle Classy-based drive. Don’t anticipate any issues with support that has been requested.
      4. Brainstormed ideas for tech projects to present or launch at NATC, esp. to support focus on history of NATC. Will identify ideas to implement and timeline for projects at next meeting.
      5. Next meeting: Sunday, April 23, 9 a.m. PST
    1. Membership Committee (Chair: Margaret McKenty)
      1. Met: Wed, March 29/17
      2. Membership: Margaret, Toni, Tamiko, Yuri Kanamaru, Derek (advisory)
        1. Need to ID potential new Memb Comm and Data Team members. Even 1-2 leads from other Board members will help.
        2. Memb Comm using other means to source new recruits too.
      3. NATC preparation:
        1. Some membership-related costs could be incurred before NATC, as well as during Fall Membership drive (October):
          1. Low-cost freebies to conference participants, current & renewing TCA members, to promote TCA membership at proposed info booth/table during NATC;
          2. Potential special recognition for Lifetime members;
          3. Consultant fee/honorarium/stipend, to create pledge and/or membership sign-up process usable at booth/table (compatible with NATC reg’n system & Fall Membership drive);
          4. Taikothon expenses won’t kick in until after NATC.
        2. Budget approval from Board will be requested when Memb Comm has more estimates; preferably under TCA overall budget, not NATC budget.
          1. CAC grant application has been submitted for funding for Memb drive website development
          2. Terry & Memb Comm will liaise regarding NATC merch order.
      4. Suggestions requested on how to enhance member benefits for non-NATC year (2018). (Dojo tour? Early access to webinars? Special webinar content? ….)
      5. Next meeting: Wed April 12/17, 8:00-9:30PM Pacific (per Meeting Scheduler)
    1. Executive Committee (Chair: Derek Oye)  
      1. Met: Tuesday, March 25th
      2. Membership: Derek, Stan, Wisa, Margaret, Jane, Alan, Johnny, (Elise, Terry)
      3. Summer Taiko Institute
        1. Consensus to extend survey until April 18th (see NATC Comm Report)
        2. Discussion on staff hires (see NATC Comm Report)
        3. Board Member’s Role at NATC
      4. Discussion on operations of TCA. 
        1. Please review and add comments by end of the week, 4/15
        2. Management of Conference Coord/NATC
      5. Discussion of Strategic Framework
        1. Review of our Goals and Strategies
          1. Goal 1: Increasing the awareness and understanding of taiko
            1. Collect and share knowledge about taiko, including its historical context and development.
            2. Facilitate exposure to and education about taiko performance and culture.
          2. Goal 2: Providing high quality programming and convenings to support taiko practitioners
            1. Find and foster new ways to use resources, including technology, to increase accessibility, broaden participation, and strengthen capacity.
            2. Facilitate and support in-person gatherings to nurture connections and encourage a free and responsible exchange of ideas and information.
          3. Goal 3: Evolving as a sustainable organization
            1. Evaluate and improve the foundation of existing organizational structure to meet current and future needs.
            2. Maintain and expand diverse revenue streams to be fiscally stable.
            3. Ensure leadership and staff are equipped with skills and effective means to serve the taiko community.
        2. Goal 2 Activities and Outcomes/Deliverables
        3. Vision Statement
      6. Next meeting: Tuesday, April 25/17, 7:00-8:30PM Pacific
  1. New Business:
    1. SoCal NATC Info Session 4/9. Around 20 in attendance
    2. Next SoCal NATC Info Session is 4/15 @ 12:30PM, Senshin Buddhist Temple
  2. Action Items (for All Board Members unless otherwise noted):


  • Johnny Mori will contact immigration lawyer for visa advice before any application is submitted on TCA’s behalf re: Patrick Graham.
  • Board Development: Please continue to add names, notes, contact emails, and any updates to the TCA Potential Board Member list. Be clear whether you will reach out, maintain communications, or if you prefer that BDC assume contact.
  • Fundraising: Please let Rome know if you’ve reached out to the organizations/individuals you were going to approach (as of Board Retreat), and what their response has been; please let Rome know if you need any reminders.
  • Membership: Suggestions requested for (1) Names of persons who might be willing to serve on Memb Comm; and (2) Membership benefits/incentives appropriate for a non-NATC year.
  • Programming: Elise would appreciate feedback on proposed NATC History Project Draft proposal (still in process).
  • Executive Comm: Please review and add comments to NATC workflow draft document by APRIL 15 (end of week)


  1. Announcements
    1. Next Board Meeting: Monday May 8/17, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific
  1. Motion to adjourn (Margaret/Wisa). Meeting adjourned by consent at 8:28PM Pacific.
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