Board Meeting – 5/8/17


TCA Board Meeting

May 8, 2017, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific

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  1. Called to Order at 6:32 PM PST
    1. Present: Elise Fujimoto, Rome Hamner, Margaret McKenty, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Tamiko Ooka, Derek Oye, Wisa Uemura, Toni Yagami, Jane Lin, Stuart Paton (late)
    2. Also present: Terry Nguyen (NATC Conference Coordinator)
    3. Regrets:  Stan Shikuma
  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. April 9 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes as corrected (Johnny/Alan). Motion carried with one abstention.
  1. Committee Reports (received in writing as part of “consent agenda” except where Board discussion or motions noted)
      1. NATC Committee & Coordinator Update (Stan Shikuma/ Terry Nguyen):
        1. Met: May 3, 2017
        2. Membership: Stan Shikuma, Johnny Mori, Terry Nguyen, Derek Oye, Alan Okada, Elise Fujimoto, Toni Yagami, Stuart Paton, Heidi Varian, Jen Caballero, Mark H Rooney, Dan Kubo, Diana Wu
        3. Registration
          1. 400 by 4/30 achieved
          2. Still $12K under projection (Midway Financial Report)
          3. Single-day registration to launch sometime after May 15
            1. Friday only: $200
            2. Saturday only: $250
            3. Options are 2 workshops each day.
            4. No discount for TCA members
        4. Problem website:
          1. Brought to attention at Exec Comm meeting, 5/1
          2. Site suggests NATC is “cooperating” with them on various projects
          3. Derek initiating contact w/ guidance from Margaret & Wisa
        5. RFP for 2019
          1. Rolling out soon under guidance of Stan & Mark
          2. Submission deadline 6/26/2017
          3. Volunteers from Board to approach potential locations/hosts:
            1. LA/Little Tokyo (Derek will approach w/ Terry)
            2. NorCal/Stanford (Wisa will approach Stanford; need another contact for NorCal/East Bay)
            3. Seattle (Stan said unlikely choice due to RTG 2018)
            4. Colorado (Toni will approach groups)
            5. NY area (Mark has discussed with Tamiko who will follow up)
            6. DC area (Mark has approached Nen Daiko, Sojin Kim)
            7. Other location ideas?
          4. Goal: to announce 2019 location at the close of 2017 NATC


  • Next meeting: 5/16 or 5/17, TBD


  1.  Comm Comm (Chair: Jen Caballero and Elise Fujimoto)
      1. Met:
      2. Membership: Jen (co chair) Elise (co chair) Gloria Kum
      3. NATC Support:
        1. Updated Communications Plan
        2. Working with TCSD on circulating the NATC and Taiko Jam press releases
        3. TAIKO JAM
          1. creation – launch on 5/15, public ticket sales will be accessible then as well.
          2. Distribution of TJ assets will start on 5/15 as well, to SD groups and TCSD distribution list of community calendars and news outlets
        4. TRANSITION:
          1. Gloria will begin website training in May and take over updates and improvements on starting in June
      4. Next meeting: May 14th, 5pm
    1. Finance Committee (Chair: Wisa Uemura):
      1. Met: 05/01/17 during Exec Comm meeting
      2. Membership: no changes
      3. Unreconciled TCA YTD Financial Report as of 04/30/17
        1. NATC cash inflow projections on target for month of April except for housing payments.
        2. See NATC report for summary of overages/shortfalls
      1. Tax Returns
        1. 2015 Federal and State returns finally e-filed.
        2. 2016: Same CPA firm engaged for prep and filing, $750 deposit already paid. Due May 15, will file for automatic extension.
      1. Next meeting: 5/30/17 as Exec Comm
    1. Board Development Committee (BDC) (Chair: Wisa Uemura)
      1. Met: N/A
      2. Membership: no changes
      3. 2017 Update:
        1. No applications received yet (not counting Wynn’s from last year – indicated reapplying for this year)
          1. TCA Potential Board Members
            1. Rearranged: top section indicates future prospects (2018 or beyond); middle section indicated interest in applying in 2017.
            2. Reminders sent to all in middle section.
        2. 4 seats to be filled: Johnny, Stan, Stuart, Wisa (who is willing to serve again)
        3. Further conversations and reaching out would be good
      4. Next meeting: after May 15
    1. Fundraising Committee (Chairs: Rome Hamner and Derek Oye)
      1. Met: Drummer’s Circle Team Captain trainings- 5 held
      2. Membership: Unchanged since last month
      3. Grants
        1. SD submitted proposal to Billingsley on 5.1
        2. JSSDT submitted County grant
        3. No other new grants (unlikely to get more)
      4. Drummer’s Circle
        1. Team Captains in place and trained except for Canada
        2. Launch 5/8 (probably)- please share on fb, in your social networks
        3. Without even launching, we’ve already raised over $12k; goal is $54k
      5. Sponsorships
        1. Rome sent reminder about sponsors Board members are approaching- please reach out ASAP if you haven’t yet (most people have; if you don’t know your status, email Rome)
        2. SD preparing proposal to Union Bank
      6. Next meeting: TBD
    1. Programming (Chair: Elise Fujimoto and Jane Lin)
      1. Met on: 4/1/2017, 5/8/17
      2. Membership: Jane (co chair) Elise (co chair) Ben Pachter, Tamiko Ooka, Rome Hamner, Ai Matsuda
      3. .We had low attendance at our 4/1 meeting so I think our ⅝ meeting will be much more descriptive.
      4. UPDATES:
        1. May Recording webinar SWITCHED TO JUNE.
          1. Isaku article is in hand
          2. Missing, LATE:
            1. Joel Balestra – Tour of their dojo after renovation (both practice and recording space)
            2. Chung Wan Choi – Video about recording live taiko (Soh Daiko concert)
          3. We will replace these content slots with NATC slideshow videos from 2009, 2011, and 2015
        2. ITI Representation:
          1. For TCA:
            1. Jane will go for one day (Saturday)
            2. Derek and Terry will go for one day (Sunday)
            3. Linda may be going
            4. Gloria Kum (Comm Comm) will be an attendee all weekend.
          2. For NATC:
            1. Diana Wu will be in attendance all weekend
        3. NATC History Project Planning:
          1. (Tech helping) Online timeline starting with base NATC resources – program books, TJ programs, TShirt design
          2. Approaching an “oral history”
      5. Next Meeting: 6/3/2017
    2. Tech Resources (Chair: Linda Uyechi)
      1. Met: Sunday, April 23, 9 a.m. PST
      2. Membership: Linda (chair), Peter Spangler, Susan Yuen, Elise Fujimoto, Kate Walker, Angie Ahlgren, Sarah Gilbert (new)
      3. Supporting NATC functions
        1. Taiko Jam external ticket sale support, target date: May 15.
          1. ticket system requires robust wifi access at the venue.
          2. volunteers for Taiko Jam need to be adults with training on the ticketing system.
        2. Following up on licensing agreements after meeting with Iris Brest.
        3. Evaluating the workshop assignment algorithm based on list of parameters. It’s a thorny problem.
        4. Developing process for synch-ing Classy fundraising data with SF.
        5. Assuming that housing matching is manual process handled by Terry.
      4. Next meeting: Saturday, May 20, 9 a.m. PST.
    1. Membership Committee (Chair: Margaret McKenty)
      1. Met: Wed, April 12/17
      2. Membership: Margaret, Toni, Tamiko, Yuri Kanamaru, Derek (advisory)
        1. Still want more hands on Memb Comm. Board is OK with using TCA info table at NATC to recruit volunteers for Working Committees that need them.
      3. Liaising with Terry (conference merch) and Rome (donor stewardship) to develop recognition tokens for current & new members at conference.
      4. Liaising with Sue Y & NATC Comm to promote on-site membership joining/renewal at TCA info booth. Logistics needed: laptop/tablet with internet connection so that individuals can enter their own data; and (presumably) some cheque/cash handling process.
        1. How Board members want to arrange their info table shifts: online sign-up sheet (based on projected hours outside Marketplace)
      5. Elise, Margaret, et al. will connect post-meeting to plan & refine TCA table & representation.
      6. Budget for Membership Campaign overall still in development.
      7. Next meeting: Wednesday, May 10, 8:00-9:30PM Pacific (per Meeting Scheduler)
    1. Executive Committee (Chair: Derek Oye)  
      1. Met: Monday, May 1, 2017
      2. Membership: Derek, Stan, Wisa, Jane, Margaret, Alan, Johnny, Terry
      3. NATC Update (see Terry’s Report)
      4. Board Recruitment discussion
      5. Finance Committee and filing tax returns
      6. Deeper dive into Strategic Framework (at this point in meeting) – updates to come!
      7. REMINDER: Board Meeting for August is Wed 8/9 All Day. (All: please advise Derek of travel plans that impact attendance)
        1. Post-conference debrief plan: Board evaluation survey (not replicating user experience survey) followed by GTM after preliminary financials & participant evaluation data known. Derek will set up Doodle for GTM.
      8. Next meeting: Tuesday, May 30, 2017


  1. New Business: none


  1. Action Items (for All Board Members unless otherwise noted):


  • Deadline for Board applications is May 15 – reach out to your targets!
  • Keep thinking about Strategic Plan (make suggestions)
  • NATC sponsorships: please reach out to your targets ASAP if haven’t done so already (email Rome if unsure of status)
  • Please advise Derek of any travel plans that affect attendance at August Board meeting
  • Elise, Margaret, et al. will connect post-meeting to plan & refine TCA table & representation. Board sign-up sheet to come.
  • Derek will set up Doodle for post-conference debrief meeting before Sept 11 Board meeting.
  • Board members to approach potential NATC 2019 locations/hosts: LA/Little Tokyo (Derek/Terry); Stanford (Wisa will approach Stanford; another contact is needed for NorCal/East Bay); Seattle (on hold due to RTG 2018); Colorado (Toni); NY area (Tamiko); DC area (?) (Mark R has approached Nen Daiko, Sojin Kim). Other location ideas requested.



  1. Announcements:
    1. Elise out of town in a forest & offline June 1-7; Margaret in remote timezone & mostly offline May 12-June 5
    2. Next Board Meeting: Wednesday June 14, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific
  1. Motion to adjourn (Johnny/Alan). Meeting adjourned by consent at 8:31PM Pacific.
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