Board Meeting – 6/14/17

TCA Board Meeting

June 14, 2017, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific

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  1. Called to Order at 6:32 PM Pacific
    1. Present: Elise Fujimoto, Rome Hamner, Margaret McKenty, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Derek Oye, Wisa Uemura, Toni Yagami, Jane Lin, Stan Shikuma (late)
    2. Also present: Terry Nguyen (NATC Conference Coordinator) (until 7:00PM)
    3. Regrets:  Stuart Paton, Tamiko Ooka
  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
    1. May 8 Regular Board Meeting. Motion to approve minutes (Alan/Johnny). Motion carried unanimously.
  1. Committee Reports (received in writing as part of “consent agenda” except where Board discussion or motions noted)
      1. NATC Committee & Coordinator Update (Stan Shikuma/ Terry Nguyen):
        1. Met: May 24 & June 13
        2. Membership: Stan Shikuma, Johnny Mori, Terry Nguyen, Derek Oye, Alan Okada, Elise Fujimoto, Toni Yagami, Stuart Paton, Heidi Varian, Jen Caballero, Mark H Rooney, Dan Kubo, Diana Wu (present June 13: Sue Yuen, Roy Hirabayashi)
        3. Visa & Immigration
          1. Updates regarding visas for international guests were discussed.
        4. Plenary Sessions and Special Programming
          1. Derek taking the lead on Opening/Closing Agendas
            1. Sunday Small Comm is taking a more proactive role in advising and planning
              1. Plan to keep Opening more focused on reminiscing “20 Years of NATC”
              2. Closing to focus on the future! What’s next for TCA/NATC?
            2. Topics were briefly discussed in May Exec Comm and email; Comm will receive update at next meeting (June 27)
          2. Taiko Jam Reception
            1. Matsuri Crasher Battle under attention of Kris Bergstrom to be held in conjunction with post-TJ reception on Saturday, 8/12–10PM and beyond
            2. Johnny Nguyen has cleared after-hours noise concern
        5. Annual Board Meeting at UCSD – Wednesday, 8/9
          1. Atkinson Conference Room 4004 confirmed reserved 8AM-6PM


  • Reserved parking for Board members, if any:


            1. $32 per car in Atkinson-specific lot
            2. If no reservation, daily rate of $20/day in general lots, space availability not guaranteed for those on a time crunch
            3. Alternate, last resort: Terry and Mark will have a minivan and can pick-up/drop-off
        1. Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M)
          1. Request from searching patient attending NATC
            1. Terry in contact with A3M’s Outreach Rep. Ayumi Nagata
            2. A3M has tabled before (during NATC 2009) because they share the same building space as JACCC in Little Tokyo
          2. Board supports A3M table during NATC 2017, location/duration TBD.
        2. ASL interpretation:
          1. Cost of full coverage by certified interpreters (c. $3-$4K) is prohibitive in view of small number of requesting participants (two).
          2. Have asked for volunteer interpreters from SD community; so far a few leads but not comprehensive coverage. Will expand to general ask June 15.
          3. Still working on workshop algorithm to assign the two participants to workshops (will be individualized).
        3. Metrics – How do we define the success of NATC? via Elise & census/survey
          1. NATC Evaluation Discussion Googledoc now available
          2. Elise notated discussion during meeting; further Board member inputs welcome (until June 30).


  • Next meeting: Tentatively Wednesday, June 28


  1.  Comm Comm (Chair: Jen Caballero and Elise Fujimoto)
      1. Met: 5/18, 5/19
      2. Membership: Jen (co chair) Elise (co chair) Gloria Kum
      4. Major communication topics:
        1. Drummers’ Circle
        2. Taiko Jam:
          1. Press release being updated to include Suzuki info
          2. News station contacts have been made
        3. Volunteers: Non San Diego call – 6/15
        4. Equipment: Asano contribution
        5. Single Day Reg – goal = 20, opens on 6/15
        6. STI registration:
          1. Women and Taiko deadline: 6/30
      5. Next meeting:
    1. Finance Committee (Chair: Wisa Uemura):
      1. Met: 5/30/17 as Exec Comm
      2. Membership: no changes
      3. Unreconciled TCA Financial Report as of 5/31/17
        1. Unable to reconcile May 31 Paypal and WePay statements so not included here.
          1. Takes Sue ~4 hours to pull raw data into usable form. Takes Wisa ~8 hours to reconcile against payment platform statements. Complicated by number of platforms & nature of NATC transactions.
            1. Recommendation to contract hourly financial help to reconcile at month-end.
            2. Current bookkeeper is $50/hr, but this task could be paid at lower rate. $35 x 12 hrs = $420/month. For 5 months = $2100.
            3. Motion to authorize contract of an accounting technician to assist with monthly reconciliations related to NATC up to $2,000 (Wisa/Alan). Motion carried unanimously.
      1. Tax Returns
        1. 2015 Followup
        2. 2016: filed for automatic extension on May 15.
      1. Next meeting: 6/27/17 as Exec Comm
    1. Board Development Committee (BDC) (Interim Chair: Rome Hamner)
        1. Met: via email
        2. Membership: no changes
        3. TCA received total of 3 applications for 3-year terms, including one renewal (Wisa).
          1. Wisa recused herself from BDC vetting process as she is up for renewal.
        4. Board to elect up to 3 positions to fill.
          1. 3x 3-yr terms for 2020 class
        5. Following approved Nomination and Election Process based on sunsetted Transition Committee recommendations, utilized in 2015, updated for 2016, with revised timeline for 2016.
          1. BDC preliminary vetting – completed May 30
          2. Board members given files on each viable candidate – June 2
          3. Board final vetting before June meeting – cancelled due to small size of pool
          4. At June Board meeting, meeting closed for discussion with purpose of identifying slate. Process:


  • Any non-Board member present to step off call until elections are complete.
  • Renewals: Any current member allowed to participate in discussion, but must recuse self from vote related to renewal. If there are comments about an individual up for renewal, another Board member may request recusal of said individual.


            1. Any such recusal will be of the particular individual being discussed.
        1. Meeting then reopened to conduct election (requires motion by Board secretary for each candidate, seconder, and vote).
      1. Elections held as follows:
        1. Margaret moves that Wisa Uemura be renewed for a 3-year term as a board member. Alan seconds. 9 in favor; 1 abstain (Wisa). Motion approved.
        2. Margaret moves that Wynn Kiyama be elected for a 3-year term as a board member. Stan seconds. 10 in favor. Motion approved.
        3. Margaret moves that Alysse Itatani be elected for a 3-year term as a board member. Toni seconds. 9 in favor; 1 abstain (Alan). Motion approved.
      2. New members to be advised of their election by Board chair & will attend next (July) Board meeting.
      3. Board applications may be cyclical year-to-year; maybe next year there will be more applicants? Encouraging volunteer/committee involvement is pipeline to future Board involvement, as is directly encouraging people to apply for Board vacancies. BDC needs to be mandated to do more than just handle elections annually.
      4. Next meeting: TBD
    1. Fundraising Committee (Chairs: Rome Hamner and Derek Oye)
      1. Met: June 6
      2. Membership: Unchanged since last month
      3. Drummer’s Circle (DC) Campaign is going strong:
        1. Current Classy total: $20,620
          1. $10,830 was given to DC during registration; added to the Classy total manually
          2. $7,160 has been given on Classy so far
          3. $2,630 has been donated in the Miyamoto matching challenge (52%)
        2. Sponsorships in hand that are not in the Classy total:
          1. Balance of Miyamoto matching challenge: $,2370
          2. Additional sponsors that will be added to total later: $8250
        3. Overall total: $31,240
        4. Board members encouraged to start their own Classy pages to help (and it would please Sue).
        5. Success much due to Sue Yuen – yay!
      4. Grants
        1. JSSDT has applied to County of SD; don’t know timeline to hear reply
        2. CAC grants funded- $24k, primarily for NATC staff costs
      5. Sponsorships
        1. Discussion with TCSD at last meeting about local sponsorships- they are moving forward with identifying sponsors to approach and asking them.
      6. Real-time budgeting for NATC discussed. 2-week lag in reporting is unavoidable as volunteer-based organization. Email Small Comm with further comments if need be.
      7. Next meeting: not yet scheduled
    1. Programming (Chair: Elise Fujimoto and Jane Lin)
      1. Met: did not meet – updates provided via email
      2. Membership: Jane (co chair) Elise (co chair) Ben Pachter, Tamiko Ooka, Rome Hamner, Ai Matsuda
      3. Recording Webinar: two of three documents have been received, and we will be moving forward with two installments this month.
      4. Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational
        1. Jane conducted livestream sessions and handed out stickers and flyers to attendees. Note that TCA did not advise UCLA much for hosting Invitational this year, but they did fine. Some equipment hiccups but otherwise positive feedback.
        2. Will continue to work with UCR (2018 host) and Stanford (2019 host) as well as push the collegiate community for the plan to hosting going forward.
        3. Thanks to the generosity of the community, we were also able to announce an NATC scholarship for collegiate taiko players.  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS 6/18
      5. Next Meeting: 7/1, 4:30pm PST
    2. Tech Resources (Chair: Linda Uyechi)
        1. Met: 6/10/2017
        2. Membership: Linda (chair), Peter Spangler, Susan Yuen, Elise Fujimoto, Kate Walker, Angie Ahlgren, Sarah Gilbert (new)
        3. Taiko Census Next Steps:
          1. Board members asked to review materials provided: DRAFT North American Report (still in DRAFT form, not for distribution) and VIDEO Report from Kate Walker
          2. Considerations:
            1. Data Use and Access for
              1. Completed report (?CC-SA)
              2. Custom Requests (?pay-for-data)
          3. Email Elise with ideas. Decisions re data use will be relevant to Strategic Planning & granting possibilities in future.


  • Board suggests Tech Resources develop one or more proposals for data use & access.


      1. NATC Evaluations: see above (under II. A. 8.) looking for guidance.
      2. NATC support: Sue is developing, implementing, and monitoring all but workshop-assignment algorithm.
        1. Registration: One-day registration target opening: Thursday, June 15.
        2. Taiko Jam tickets: OK.
        3. Payment reconciliation: a Major Pain Point for Wisa. This has been recognized. (see above: II. C. 3. c.) Sue, Sarah, and Elise working hard to help alleviate this; very little they can do to help for month of June.
        4. Fundraising on Classy going well. Reconciliation between Classy and SF to be done at end of fundraising push (June 30).
        5. Workshop assignment algorithm under construction by Josh Yoon. (Thank you Josh!) Target completion: mid-July. One-day registration workshop and discussion session assignments to be made by hand (Mark).
      3. Next meeting: Saturday, July 8, 9 a.m. PST
    1. Membership Committee (Chair: Margaret McKenty)
      1. Met: Wed, May 10/17
      2. Membership: Margaret, Toni, Tamiko, Yuri Kanamaru, Derek (advisory), Elise (guest)
      3. NATC preparation:
        1. TCA info table set-up & incentives to visit (older TCA/NATC merch giveaways, membership renewals, stickers/temp tattoos? interactive display on taiko census? selfie photo booth?)
        2. Need to re-locate table when Marketplace opens (Thursday start at QualComm→ Price Center for Friday)
        3. Onsite membership renewal details to be finalized with Sue Y (need laptop & internet access at info table for data entry; confirm CC & cheque payment logistics; ensure SF cleared out & templates updated)
        4. Board supports “early bird” pricing ($40/$20) for onsite membership renewals.
        5. Board Member & volunteer table sign-up sheet (conference volunteers for set-up/stowage & additional staffing have been requested). Assuming volunteers available, ~2-hr shifts, and proposed hours of operation are OK, we have 13 shifts to fill with up to 11 Board members. No conflict with opening/closing plenaries, but will overlap with Leadership Forum & workshop sessions. Please fill in as you are able.
      4. EOY 2017 membership campaign:
        1. Target start & finish dates: Sunday Oct 1 – Saturday Nov 4 (five weeks)
        2. Early Bird pricing will again be used for memberships during campaign Week 1 (Oct 1 – 8).
        3. Taikothon: Sunday Oct 15
      5. Membership campaign budget still in development.
      6. Next meeting: Wed, June 28, 7:15PM Pacific (per Meeting Scheduler)
    1. Executive Committee (Chair: Derek Oye)  
      1. Met: Tues, May 30
      2. Membership: Derek, Stan, Wisa, Jane, Margaret, Alan, Johnny, Terry
      3. Please complete Doodle poll for Post NATC Debrief Meeting
      4. Annual Board Meeting:
        1. Wednesday, August 9 from 9:00AM – 5:00PM
        2. Presenting Draft Agenda at next Exec Comm Meeting
        3. Pizza Party for SD Local Committee in evening? Tabled.
      5. Organizational Chart Created – How do you see TCA structured?
      6. Strategic Framework Discussion – Reviewed Goal #3
        1. Derek will try to have a rough draft to present by July Board Meeting.
        2. Annual Board meeting will be used to review the Strategic Framework as well as Organizational Chart to make decisions about future of TCA as organization.
      7. Any action to be taken if meet Classy Goal? Tabled.
      8. Next meeting: Tuesday, June 27th


  1. New Business: none


  1. Action Items (for All Board Members unless otherwise noted):


  • Anyone requiring reserved parking (Atkinson-specific lot) please advise Terry ASAP.
  • Further inputs regarding “How do we define success for NATC?” invited from Board for NATC Evaluation Discussion Googledoc (until June 30).
  • All are encouraged to start their own Classy pages to help with Drummer’s Circle fundraising.
  • New Board members to be advised of their election by Board chair (Derek).
  • TCA Census data use & access: Please review materials provided (DRAFT North American Report  and VIDEO Report from Kate Walker).
  • Tech Resources Committee is asked to develop one or more proposals for Board to consider regarding data use & access. Board members invited to email Elise with suggestions in the meantime.
  • All are asked to fill in Board Member & volunteer table sign-up sheet for NATC as they are able. (11 Board members → 13 shifts) Note: shifts will overlap with Leadership Forum & workshop sessions.
  • Please complete Doodle poll for Post NATC Debrief Meeting.
  • Derek: Annual Board Meeting draft agenda for next Exec Comm meeting.
  • Please review draft  Organizational Chart & Strategic Framework to inform further discussion at Board Annual Meeting.



  1. Announcements:
    1. Next Exec Comm meeting: Tuesday June 27, 7:00-8:30PM Pacific
    2. Next Board Meeting: Friday July 14, 6:30-8:30PM Pacific
  1. Motion to adjourn (Margaret/Wisa). Meeting adjourned at 8:41PM Pacific.
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