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100 Club Membership

Has everyone in your taiko group become a charter member of TCA? Become part of the TCA 100 Club by encouraging all members of your group to join!! Once everyone in your group has pledged his or her charter membership, fill out the webform below to add your group’s name to the TCA 100

TCA Launch: Ways to Help

As we plan the TCA Launch Meeting, we need your help. Please add your voice through the Taiko Census and consider supporting the gathering with a donation. Be Counted Thank you for completing the first-ever Taiko Census. Your input is deeply appreciated and will help shape the future of the Taiko Community Alliance. Please help […]

TCA Launch: Interview Subjects Sought

Sorry! We’re FULL!! We are looking for 50 volunteers from the taiko community to participate as interview subjects. The information gathered in these interviews will be used in one of the activities that will be held at the TCA Launch Meeting at Stanford, August 23-25, 2013. The purpose of this activity is to bring the […]