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San Francisco Taiko Dojo Crowdfunding Campaign

Founded in 1968, San Francisco Taiko Dojo, under the direction of Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka is widely regognized as the foundation of taiko in North America. Unfortunately, due to an unprecedented hike in rent, San Francisco Taiko Dojo is urgently seeking a new practice and storage facility in

ITS 2022 Hosted by Kyodo Taiko

TCA is excited to share our support of this year's Intercollegiate Taiko Social (ITS), to be hosted at UCLA by Kyodo Taiko on May 7, 2022. This day-long gathering will feature activities that bring together current taiko players from collegiate groups throughout the West Coast and culminate in a free public concert. More specific details will be made available at a later

TCA Member Spotlight: Jennifer Weir

What do you get when you hand an actor a pair of bachi? Well, when that actor is Jennifer Weir, you apparently get a growing taiko community in the Twin Cities, a nonprofit by the name of TaikoArts Midwest, and the revolutionary HERbeat.

TCA Member Spotlight: Anny Lin

How many taiko groups, artists, and enthusiasts are there around the world? Anny may just find out (and meet every one of them). Grab a snack (may we suggest mangosteen?) and take a tour of Anny Lin's taiko story (so far).

TCA Member Spotlight: Marty Hilchey

Tell us you play taiko in Canada without telling us you play taiko in Canada – who else can lead a life of winter festival performances followed by cold pints and the occasional dip in a cold alpine lake? And if you're looking for podcast recommendations to take on your next hike (or laundry folding adventure), Marty has you covered.

TCA Member Spotlight: Jen Caballero

The eclectic stylings of Jen Cabz can be seen not only in her taiko playing, but in her life as a whole. From drumming through Vegas to sussing out the sus to tailoring a unique collection of Disney pins, Jen has an attention to detail that has long benefitted TCA from her local drive and oversight of NATC 2015 through her ongoing work today on TCA's Communications and

TCA Member Spotlight: Cathy Tio

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat (nor humidity, apparently!) can stop Cathy Tio from finding joy in the freedom of taiko. Our long-time TCA Regional Representative in The South, Cathy is always full of surprises. Learn about her taiko journey and incredible array of interests in this week's TCA Member Spotlight!

TCA Member Spotlight: Louise Ogata

We know from our 2020 Taiko Census network map that many of us our connected. Some are connected through shared performing members, and others, like Hoh Daiko, are connected by "sisterhoods" – a bond among groups connected through shared histories, growth, and a passion for taiko. As an original member and "lifer" of Seabrook Buddhist Temple's Hoh Daiko, Louise has had

TCA Member Spotlight: Carrie Carter

If you've ever wondered about all the places taiko can take you, have a look at Carrie Carter's journey. What started as a simple stroll grew into an adventure exploring the possibilities of physical, mental, emotional, and artistic health through taiko. We can't wait to see what's on the horizon for you, Carrie!

TCA Member Spotlight: Paula Midori-Nieckar

Grab your coats – and hats, and warm socks, and mittens, and Kiribai Kairo hand warmers, and fleece leggings – because we're heading up to the "North" in North America to visit Paula Midori-Nieckar in Alberta, Canada. And if you don't have a hat, no worries; Paula wears so many "hats" in her exciting adventure called life that we're sure she has a few to spare.