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NATC “Talk-Story” Community Check-In Meetings

As the taiko community cautiously emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to hear from you!  What should the next iteration of Taiko Conference look like?  Where should it be held?  What’s your favorite part of Conference?  Join us for an informal deep-dive on all things NATC!  Nothing is off the table – NATC-Regional?  NATC-Virtual? ...


TCA is proud to celebrate the graduating taiko players in our community with the third year of Congra-CHU-lations (see what we did there)? We are grateful for our wonderful collegiate taiko community which has remained active and committed despite the multiple challenges that the past two years have presented, and we are planning a fantastic...

Why leadership?

In our last article, Roy Hirabayashi provided a definition of leadership for us to consider. In this space, I would like to explore why leadership is important.

2021 TCA Grants Awarded

Congratulations to our 2021 TCA Grants recipients! Since 2016, TCA has dedicated increasing amounts of funds to the Grant Program, culminating this year in $20,000 to fund grants that support projects in 2021-2022.

Introducing: TCA Regional Meet-ups!

Join us throughout the month of May as we gather within our local taiko communities to share the needs/wants of taiko folx in your area, hear about the current inner workings of TCA directly from TCA Staff, and have sharing favorite exercises, skills drills, or stories.

The Taiko Network – How Our Community is Connected

Have you ever thought about how we are all connected in the taiko community? As promised, Taiko Census team member Josh Yoon utilized data collected from our 2020 Taiko Census and generated our first-ever Taiko Social Network – a visual representation of the ties we share as taiko players in an ever-growing community.