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Taiko Voices Seeks Project Coordinator

This position closed on November 15, 2018. Job Title: Taiko Voices: Song Commission Coordinator Employer: Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) The Project: Song Commission Project The 2016 Taiko Census revealed enormous demand in the taiko community for excellent open source pieces and resources to

Workshop Proposals for NATC 19

TCA is putting out a call for taiko instructors to submit Workshop Proposals for the 2019 North American Taiko Conference. With the success of the 2017 North American Taiko Conference in San Diego, we are looking forward to again presenting a broad range of artistic development workshops taught by a diverse community of instructors. We continue […]


Help TCA kick off the summer season with a video update on Youtube and Facebook on SATURDAY JUNE 16th. Join TCA Board Chair Derek Oye as he lets everyone know what the latest goings on are with TCA.  We will be featuring some insights about NATC 2019 and we’ll check in with a few project chairs for […]

50th Anniversary Projects: Taiko Then, Taiko Now, Taiko And

In 1968 Tanaka-sensei became the first taiko practitioner to start a kumidaiko group outside of Japan. 50 years later the taiko community has grown to include hundreds of taiko groups in locations that encircle the globe. In 2018 TCA kicked off a cluster of projects to celebrate 50 years of taiko in North America. Intended not only to celebrate the […]

2018 Mini-Grants Awarded

TCA is proud to announce the mini grant projects that will be receiving funding in 2018. 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of taiko in North America, and TCA has dedicated a total of $5,000 to the mini-grant program in honor of this milestone. Project proposals were evaluated on the following criteria: Alignment with TCA mission- 40% […]

2017 Year End Lookback

2017 was a huge year for TCA.  Check out the list below for a lookback at some of this year’s highlights!  Any way you slice it, 2017 was a whirlwind of excitement, and we cannot thank you enough for being part of our community. NORTH AMERICAN TAIKO CONFERENCE During the weekend of August 10-13, TCA […]

NATC 2017 Evaluation

The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) 2017 attracted more than 700 participants from eight countries. Taiko Community Alliance endeavoured to capture and honor the experiences of those who took part while learning valuable lessons for the next iteration of the conference. NATC 2017 was therefore evaluated slightly differently in comparison to past conferences, and the

Taikothon 2017: Then and Now

Relive Taikothon 2017 here: Then And Now – Celebrating 50 Years of North American Taiko This year, TCA dedicated Taikothon as a place of celebration for 50 years of taiko in North America and asked the community to share their thoughts: Reflecting back on the past 50 years, what stands out to you? Who has […]

Recording Taiko with Isaku Kageyama

Recording Taiko: Important Points Two useful resources discussed in this article:  “the Kodo beat” volume 79 – winter 2000 The Recording Revolution When a single note is played on the taiko, we’re actually hearing a combination of several sounds.  Different mics are used to capture these different sounds. The Glyn Johns method outlines the role […]

Recording Taiko with Chung Wan Choi

Quality audio and visual recordings of taiko can be challenging to create.  TCA has sought professional advice from experienced sound recording specialist Chung Wan Choi. Watch his presentation here: Recording Taiko with Chung Wan Choi.