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State of the Art: Taiko Census Webinar

Join our Taiko Census Analytics team LIVE on Saturday, September 24th for a review of the Taiko Census results!  How many taiko groups are there? How much money do taiko players spend on their hobby each year? How do taiko

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Memorial Day: Interview with a Taiko Airman

The last weekend in May means different things to different people. It signals the beginning of summer: barbecues, weekends away, and warm weather.  We get a chance to experience the small freedoms sometimes taken for granted.  As we close out

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The TCA ITI Committee

Every year, one collegiate taiko group welcomes the collegiate taiko community to their college campus to learn from the masters of the art form and share what each group has accomplished. This is the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational, started in 1995

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The Five Things You Need to Know About Taiko in Europe

Back in February, the very first European Taiko Conference took place in Devon, England. Conceived and instigated by Jonathan Kirby, founder of Kagemusha Taiko, the four day event saw players from ten European countries, Japan, and the United States come

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