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Taiko Programs That Pay

Taiko Programs That Pay A panel discussion on financial stability in community taiko groups – presented live on March 5, 2022. Moderated by Sascha Molina. THE PANELISTS: EILEEN MORGAN JENNIFER WEIR KAREN FALKENSTROM MARK H Eileen MorganArtistic and Executive Director, Fushicho Daiko DojoEileen started her Taiko career as co-teacher of a Taiko program at Phoenix...

A Letter from Kristina McGaha

Hello Taiko Fam! The last eighteen months have been a trip – and I am still so honored and humbled to be part of this amazing community. Who would have believed that TCA could go from grassroots to staffed in less than a decade AND continue to persevere through the pandemic!? Well actually, I could...

A Letter from Courtney Ozaki

Dear TCA Friends and Family, I am so honored that I have been able to be more intimately involved in supporting and sustaining TCA over the past year and a half! Coming into this position, it was immediately obvious to me how much time and care many individuals have poured into keeping TCA alive and...


Shock, grief, fear, and outrage can overwhelm us as details about anti-Asian attacks come pouring in. We at TCA have not immediately had the words to articulate all of our thoughts and feelings, but we do not want to remain silent. TCA’s heart, spirit, and love go out to the loved ones of the individuals whose lives have been taken through baseless hate crimes. We can

Flashback Friday – PJ Hirabayashi Presents: TaikoPeace

In 2015, through TCA’s Taikothon event, PJ Hirabayashi spoke about the movement TaikoPeace, and of her experience transitioning into “re-wire-ment.” What is her next stage? Does her taiko passion have a place in our world that’s going through troubled times and intense change? How can she take her taiko passion to have a deeper and more...

An Open Letter to the Taiko Community

An Open Letter to the Taiko Community: June 3, 2020 To our community, The Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) stands on the shoulders of leaders who fought and struggled to make a better life for future generations. We are pained and saddened by the unlawful murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and the countless...

TCA Emergency Relief Fund – Round 2

The TCA Emergency Relief Fund was created to provide emergency financial support for taiko professionals. It has become evident that the impact of the pandemic will last much longer than originally predicted and the need for these funds persists. To that end, we will be accepting applications toward a second round of awards from this fund over the next few weeks from June

TCA Emergency Relief Fund – Round 1

Apply by April 30 – During the current global crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Taiko Community Alliance is replacing its annual grant-making program with a special Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) to support taiko professionals who have lost work between March 1 through June 30, 2020. The ERF will provide a total of $20,000 in modest “bridge money” grants of $500 to