TCA Launch: Census Results

After the Opening Session, the Launch Meeting Participants were introduced to Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason, who would serve as the meeting facilitator for the rest of the weekend. Gayle is a coach, consultant and former university instructor with over 25 years of experience administering, teaching and consulting in the education and not-for-profit worlds. With degrees in business and organizational communication (PhD, Ohio University) she consults primarily in the areas of leadership, diversity and community building. She has taught communication, organizational development, conflict resolution and learning for sustainability at the graduate and undergraduate level in classrooms (virtual and otherwise) throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.

In the weeks leading up to the TCA Launch Meeting, Gayle used the results of the Taiko Census to shape the meeting agenda, especially the Core Values and Guiding Principles discussion. She opened this portion of the meeting by sharing the results of the census.

The results of the 2013 Taiko Census are here: Introduction and Census Results Presentation, by Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason.

Selected images are also presented below:

Census1-Location Census2-International Census3-US Census4-Canada Census5-Age Census6-Gender Census7-Gender Census8-TaikoExp Census9-WordCloud1 Census10-WordCloud2 Census11-WordCloud3