TCA Launch: Closing Reflections

The TCA Launch Meeting Closing Session began with time for individual reflection. Participants entered the room and had the chance to write on the walls their answers to three questions:

ClosingThe answers to these questions are transcribed here:

pdf-iconPersonal Reflections

Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason read a few reflections from each chart and challenged participants to take the new thoughts, experiences and ideas generated into the work going forward for TCA.

The program was turned over Geoff Noone, who thanked Gayle for her wonderful facilitation of the meeting. Also the Local Planning Committee (Elise Fujimoto, Roy Hirabayashi, Steve Sano, Wisa Uemura, Linda Uyechi and Sue Yuen), the rest of the TCA Advisory Board (Anthony Jones, Johnny Mori, Alan Okada, Stan Shikuma and Iris Shirashi), the TCA Interns (Helen Park and Sara Yamamoto), members of Jun Daiko who facilitated the Design Thinking Workshop, members of San Jose Taiko who volunteered to help set up and clean up the meals, Yuri Yoshida from LATI who came all the way from LA to hang out and volunteer, the Stanford Music Department for providing the facilities, Mark Applebaum for leading the Improvisation Workshop, and Ray Yuen for photography. A special thanks was made to the TCA Donors, who donated funds for this meeting without really knowing what their donations would fund.

The final speaker for the weekend was Roy Hirabayashi, who thanked all of the Launch Meeting Participants for devoting their weekend to this cause. He congratulated everyone for being a part of a new milestone moment in the development of taiko in North America. He encouraged everyone to stay engaged, because we have a lot of work to do!