Congratulations to Kodo on their 35th Anniversary!

Kodo crowd

KODO 35th Anniversary Party, San Jose Taiko Studio

A few weekends ago TCA Board Chair Derek Oye and Conference Coordinator Terry Nguyen attended Kodo’s 35th Anniversary Reception hosted by Kodo Art Sphere America (KASA) at the San Jose Taiko’s studio. Fellow TCA Board Member and KASA Board Member Alan Okada was also present at the event. It was an honor to be able to join San Jose Taiko and others to celebrate the past while creating new friendships within the next generation of taiko players.Kodo cake

The North American Taiko Community has always valued it’s friendship with Kodo, and TCA was humbled to be invited to join in the celebration. As Derek said in his short speech, “Taiko is a means to bring us together but not the only reason we are all here. It’s the community, culture, friends, and connections that truly make taiko special.” We look forward to carrying on this friendship to the current generation of taiko players, and those to come!

Congratulations Kodo and thank you for all that you do for the art form and community!

Kodo is currently in the middle of their 10 week U.S., 2017 DADAN Tour.  For more information about their tour and schedule, check out their DADAN WEBSITE.