Drum-Building Workshop with Stuart Paton

Ever wanted to have your own practice taiko? TCA is bringing the drum building to you!

DATE: Saturday, June 21, 2014.
TIME: 10:00am PDT/ 1:00pm EDT
LOCATION: Livestream.com
WORKSHOP LEADER: Stuart Paton, Burlington Taiko
*Archived recording available on Livestream.com

Artistic Director, Teacher, and lead Taiko MakerPatonphoto
Burlington Taiko
Burlington, Vermont

Playing Taiko and MAKING Taiko bring me JOY!  I grew up in Tokyo, climbed onto my first Taiko at age six, and in 1984 started my Taiko studies with Seiichi Tanaka in San Francisco. With a financial gift from Tanaka Sensei, and after a very informative visit with Mark Miyoshi, made my first Taiko in Vermont. Since the late 1980s I, with members of Burlington Taiko have made 40 chu, 6 okedo, 18 shime, a couple of 4.3 Shaku Odaiko, and 150+ practice taiko. The first practice taiko in Vermont were made with 18” PVC, but my current favorite is the 15” I.D. ADS pipe. I’ve learned from some spectacular mistakes, and my current focus is making Taiko sound mellower, by experimenting with temporary and long-term solutions for Taiko with too much ‘high-end’.

In addition to the webinar, Stuart offered a TCA Drum Building Kit.

Kits create: 1.5 Shaku Practice Taiko (approximately 24″ tall and 18″ in diameter)

finishedpracticedrumKITS INCLUDE:

– 1 ADS pipe 15” ID, 24”
– Short pan head sheet metal screws
– 22″ diameter pre-cut section of raw hide

The kit does not include power tools, soaking tub, or pens and pencils which are also needed to complete the drum.

COST: $200 for TCA members, $275 for non TCA members.

**Please be aware that due to import regulations on raw hide, we may not be able to ship to select international locations. If you are requesting international shipping, please check your country’s policy on imports of raw hide.

Please place your order by JUNE 4, 2014 to allow enough time for delivery by June 21.