2022 TCA Grants Recipients Announced

Taiko Community Alliance is honored to announce our 2022 TCA Grant recipients.  We received more applications this cycle than any other year we have offered the grants!  It is so encouraging and exciting to see the post-pandemic amp-up of taiko performances, projects, community, and artistry.

Without further ado, here are our grant recipients.

Tier 1
TaikoArts Midwest – their project, called Haimweh, is a spring workshop tour that extends from California to the Midwest. The principal artists/instructors are Mujo Dream Flight, a trio of trans/non-binary taiko players.

SkyFire & Midnight Taiko Kai
– this 12-day (yes, you heard right) event will be the first of its kind in the Northern territories of Canada. The collaboration project will feature multiple workshops, social gatherings, and a publicly ticketed concert to share taiko with the greater area.

Taiko Arts Center
– An extension of the live-streamed “Ame, Tears of the Earth” concert in 2021, Taiko Arts Center in Hawaii is in production for the in-person concert called “Ame II.” 

Tier 2
Hinode Taiko – Celebrating their 40th anniversary with a huge concert, Hinode’s 40th will be an event to remember. Their focus is to celebrate 40 years of taiko and its influence in the Manitoba community.

enTaiko – Partnering with CymaSpace, enTaiko is offering a truly collaborative and inclusive performance entitled “Taiko & Light.” This hi-tech performance will include principal artists, planners, and audience members from the Deaf/HOH (hard of hearing) community as well as the performers of enTaiko.

onEnsemble – ON 20 celebrates the ensemble’s 20 years of taiko creativity featuring a video recording that will capture for the first time the current onEnsemble quintet. 

Tier 3
We keep individual recipients anonymous.  However, we are thrilled to report that all individual artists who applied in 2022 will receive funding!

This year’s theme was transparency, one of TCA’s Core Values.  In the spirt of transparency, let us share briefly the award stats of our grant program:

  • 2022 TCA Grants received applications totaling $72,000 of requested funds.
  • TCA was able to support one-third (approx. 33%) of submissions, totaling just over $24,000 in funding.
  • All individual artists who applied this year received funding, which was based on a depletion of funds format (versus merit-based format used in 2021).
  • TCA is currently expanding our funding for the 2023 cycle, which will be announced upon finalization of our operating budget at end-of-year.


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