TCA Mini-Grant Program

2017 TCA Mini Grants


The Taiko Community Alliance annually seeks proposals for mini-grants to support projects that align with, further, and promote the mission of the TCA to empower the people and advance the art of taiko. More information about the TCA core values and guiding principles can be found here.

TCA dedicated a total of $10,000 to the 2018 mini-grant program. To encourage creativity and innovation in proposals, a wide variety of project types are under consideration.

Proposals are evaluated on the following criteria. Beneath each criteria are some of the detailed questions panelists will consider in reviewing proposals

Alignment with TCA mission: 40%
How well does the proposal embody the TCA mission, values, and current strategic framework goals?

Feasibility: 30%
Does this project demonstrate a high likelihood of success in accomplishing goals? (i.e., does it have the right people (skills, time, etc), a realistic and clear budget, and a realistic timeline?) Are admin/overhead costs justified? If this request is part of a larger project, is there a high-level overview of the entire budget? (i.e., full cost of the project, how much of the required revenue has been identified, how much has been raised)

Significance: 30%
Does this project have broad reach and/or deep engagement? For how many? Is this a topic that has widespread demand, interest, and/or impact across the many types of taiko styles and players that make up the TCA constituency? What benefits does this project convey for the larger taiko community, in addition to benefits it brings to the primary applicant’s group/region?

Amount of Award

In 2018, continuing to celebrate 50 years of taiko in North America, TCA dedicated a total of $10,000 to be awarded under this mini-grant program. It is hoped multiple projects will be supported; therefore, requesting the full $10,000 was not encouraged.

A 1:1 match is required. For example, if an applicant requests $2,500, that applicant should demonstrate that they have $2,500 worth of resources to dedicate to the project. Both cash and in-kind match are accepted; the match can be 100% in-kind.

Applicants must be a 501c3 nonprofit. Fiscal sponsors may be used, and, in the case of individual artists, are encouraged. Applicants do not have to be members of the TCA. TCA Board members, employees and contractors are not eligible to apply. TCA is only able to make grants to US-based nonprofits. Therefore, any international applicants must use a US-based 501c3 as a fiscal sponsor.

Application & Funding Process

The 2018 application deadline has passed.

A review panel made up of TCA Board, TCA Committee members, and other community members will evaluate applications in November; awards will be announced in December.

Awardees will receive one lump-sum payment of their full grant amount in January 2019. Within 30 days of completing their project, grantees must submit a 200 – 500 word blog post describing the project and its impact; 3-5 photos should also be included with attribution information. This material will appear as a guest post (with grantee listed as author) on the TCA website and be linked in a future TCA newsletter.


Contact Rome Hamner, TCA Board Member, at