Taikothon 2017!

2017 Taikothon

Then and Now: Celebrating 50 Years of North American Taiko

This year, TCA would like to dedicate Taikothon as a place of celebration for 50 years of taiko in North America and we need your help! Share your thoughts with us: reflecting back the past 50 years, what stands out to you? Who has made an impact to your own taiko experience in the last 50 years? Where do you think taiko will be in 50 years and how can we continue to sustain the diverse and vibrant community we have today? Submit a video to TCA’s 2017 Taikothon and come join the celebration!


Sunday, October 29th
On-Air Time: 12:00PM – 5:00PM PST


Please submit a short clip (no more than 5 minutes) to share your ideas of taiko then and now. Below are some ideas, but we are open to airing anything you would like to share with the taiko community.

  • Tell us about when you first started taiko and how things have changed since then.
  • Where do you think taiko will be in 50 years? What would you like to see?
  • Looking back at 50 years of North American Taiko, who has made an impact on your personal taiko experience?

Performance Video

Please submit a performance clip (no more than 10 minutes).
Suggestion: Since Taikothon will be close to Halloween this year, we will be hosting a costume contest! Wear a Halloween costume OR an old taiko costume from your group. Which group will have bragging rights?

Submission Deadline

SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Please follow the link to see the Taikothon Schedule!

If you have any questions, contact us at info@taikocommunityalliance.org. We look forward to your submissions!