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Photo by Raymond Yuen

September is Intergeneration Month – a time meant to inspire us to reach across generations. What can you learn? What can you teach? What experiences do you share? The only way to know is to start the conversation.

At Taiko Jam 2015, we saw first-hand how powerful a performance can be when multiple generations of taiko artists unite on stage. Join us for this month’s #FlashbackFriday where we relive select moments of the inter-generational collaboration between Chieko Kojima (Kodo), Zenshin Daiko, and UnitOne (Asano Taiko US). What will you take away from their conversation?

Tatsu no Kokoro | Heart of the Dragon
by Christopher Hisamoto (2004)

The intricate rhythms of the drums contrast the smooth tone of the fue (bamboo flute) to reveal the soul of the fierce and powerful dragon. Beginning with the slow, powerful pulse of the mythical beast at rest, the piece quickens as the dragon stirs and readies for battle. Tension grows as the battle ensues but the dragon emerges from the chaos, living up to its legendary status. Chieko Kojima joins Zenshin Daiko in the search to understand the heart of the mighty dragon.

Jack Bazaar
by Kristofer Bergstrom, Masato Baba,
Yuri Kanamaru, Jason Osajima,
Yuta Kato, et al (2011)
Copyleft: Free Art License 1.3

Jack Bazaar is arranged from a large set of “named phrases”; movements and rhythms developed independently over a three-year period. Today’s arrangement draws on the nergy of UnitOne, Zenshin, and Kojima and features the premier of two new sections, “Chiaida,” a burst of intricate, clicky rhythms, and “Hank,” a take on taiko’s ubiquitous right arm swing.

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