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By becoming a member of the Taiko Community Alliance, you can make a significant difference in helping to preserve and advance the art of taiko. Your tax-deductible membership gift not only supports TCA's ongoing operational costs, but also future programming.

Looking for a little bonus excitement in your membership? All memberships are counted as a part of our friendly regional competition. Who will be the first to surpass their regional membership goals during the 2020 Membership Drive? Based on last year's membership totals for each region, we've set a goal for each region to meet (or surpass!). So, no matter the size of your local community, everyone has the opportunity to reach the same milestones and achievements throughout the campaign. How many members can your region boast? Let's make sure TCA has voices representing every corner of our community!

East Coast

60/74 Members

Mountain Plains

39/56 Members


34/47 Members

Northern California

116/134 Members

Pacific Northwest

85/94 Members

Southern California

85/130 Members


43/47 Members

The South

6/23 Members


35/54 Members


7/11 Members

Member Benefits

A membership with TCA grants access to and/or makes possible the following opportunities and programs:

  • An Expanded TCA PARTNER PROGRAM: Enjoy TCA member discounts from the vendors on our list of valued TCA Partners, such as Asano Taiko U.S., Taiko with Toni, TaikoMom Bachi Bags, taiko.biz, and Taiko Cat; plus additional vendors joining soon!
  • MORE WAYS TO CONNECT than ever before through our TCA Beat e-newsletter, TCA’s annual Taikothon, the TCA Community Calendar, and our upcoming 2020 Taiko Census. With so many ways to connect taiko groups near and far, you need never feel left out!
  • EARLY ACCESS GUARANTEED to TCA-sponsored activities, such as engaging and practical webinars, the TCA Grant Program, and much more!
  • Be part of a TAIKO COMMUNITY MILESTONE:  “Taiko Voices”, a taiko piece commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of taiko in North America, will premiere this autumn and be shared with the entire North American taiko community through a series of teaching resources. Be part of the celebration!

Your TCA membership connects you with a taiko community that circles the globe. It ensures that TCA has the resources it needs to continue fostering programs and resources to support our community. It reflects your commitment to a group of people intent on building community through taiko, and together, we can meet our mission to empower the people and advance the art of taiko.

"The Taiko Community Alliance provides a voice, a meeting place, and a wealth of knowledge for the broad range of community-based taiko groups and individuals.  Through its programs, it demonstrates its commitment to both cultural preservation and building the future of the artform."
-- Alan Okada

“Through NATC, through the mini-grant program, through capacity-building work, TCA empowers an international community that makes the life-changing experience of playing taiko accessible to hundreds of thousands of people. I’m part of TCA because I believe passionately in this mission.”
-- Rome Hamner

Akemi Imai
“I can think of no other parallel example to TCA in terms of the high-quality programs and resources it provides to the taiko community based on the simple ideal of empowering the people and advancing the art of taiko.”
-- Akemi Imai


Reach out to us at: membership@taikocommunityalliance.org