Host NATC 2017!


TCA is putting out a Request For Proposal (RFP) from groups, sites, cities, regions and organizations interested in hosting the next North American Taiko Conference in 2017—are you interested?

We will be holding an RFP information meeting at next week’s NATC 2015 in Las Vegas,

Bring your questions, ideas, thoughts and concerns and meet with our staff and members of the Las Vegas Host Committee as we discuss what it will take for you to host NATC 2017 in your town!especially for you! Please attend the RFP meeting, on Sunday, June 14 (8:30am-9:30am), at UNLV Student Union, Room 222.

Please review the RFP (below) prior to the meeting as doing so will better prepare you for the discussion. We hope to see you there!




The Taiko Community Alliance (TCA)
The Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit music service organization based in San Jose, California. TCA empowers the people and advances the art of taiko through a variety of programs and services, provided to more than 700 members in the larger North American taiko community. The largest project of the organization is the North American Taiko Conference (NATC), now held biennially, at a site selected by the TCA Board of Directors.

The North American Taiko Conference (NATC)
The North American Taiko Conference (NATC) brings together approximately 600 participants for workshops, discussion sessions and performances of taiko.

Held since 1997, at a variety of locations throughout California and the Western United States, the NATC offers approximately 50 performance-based workshop sessions on multiple tracks for a wide range of skill levels and interest, taught by taiko masters and instructors from the US and Japan.

The conference also features a leadership forum, a taiko marketplace for vendors (including the two largest drum-makers in Japan) and two public performances: “Taiko Ten”, an outdoor free performance featuring multiple community groups, and “Taiko Jam”, a ticketed concert featuring world class ensembles performing in a professional setting.

Request for Proposal: 2017 NATC
TCA is putting out a Request for Proposal (RFP) from groups, sites, cities, regions and organizations interested in hosting the next North American Taiko Conference in summer 2017 (date to be determined).

Due to the influx of hundreds of taiko musicians, students, teachers and affectionados
attending the conference, hosting NATC brings national and international recognition, as well as positive economic impact, to the host site.

As a result, hosting NATC is a serious undertaking, requiring the host organization(s) to form a dedicated “Host Committee” that is required to play an active and pivotal role ensuring NATC’s logistical and financial success.

Working with TCA’s Conference Coordinator and NATC Committee, the local Host & Host Committee responsibilities include the following:

  • Identifying and securing a conference venue for workshops, concerts, lectures, meals, and lodging for a minimum of 500 people (universities are a common location)
  • Helping to secure and transport equipment for all workshops (approximately 200 taiko drums)
  • Helping to secure up to 50-80 conference volunteers
  • Identifying and helping to arrange lodging, food and local ground transportation for participants, as needed, plus planning and hosting an opening reception
  • Identifying and providing a small office or work space for 2-4 months prior to the conference for a conference coordinator, interns and volunteers to work out of (ideally internet-ready)
  • Signing a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) outlining specific timelines, responsibilities and fundraising commitments, at least 15 months prior to the conference.

The TCA NATC Committee and Conference Coordinator will be responsible for program content, vetting workshop leaders and topics, choosing discussion group themes, setting plenary session agendas, and hiring concert performers. TCA is responsible for the contracting of local facilities (identified by the Host) for all conference activities.

As a nonprofit organization, TCA relies on contributed and earned income to survive and NATC is a source of both. The 2017 Conference Host and Host Committee will be required to work closely and “partner” with TCA’s professional staff, Board and NATC Committee, to secure adequate financial resources (contributed, earned and in-kind) to make the conference a success.

A potential NATC Host should carefully consider in advance, upcoming fundraising deadlines for local, regional, and state, public and private funding sources in your area, that might support NATC.

Below are the specific Requirements for your Proposal
A successful RFP should include:

1. Recommendation and availability of a suitable site(s) or venue(s) for NATC (proposals may want to include technical capabilities for the site, for workshops, lectures and performances)

  • a) Auditorium – for plenary sessions; must be capable of seating all participants, staff and volunteers
  • b) Workshop spaces – minimum of 16 sites able to accommodate 20-40 participants; most workshops will require enough space to set up drums for each participant
  • c) Theater – a mainstage theatre for Taiko Jam concert capable of seating a minimum of 1000 d) Performance space – an outdoor venue for Taiko Ten, a free concert
  • e) Pre-Conference Opening Reception venue
  • f) Taiko Marketplace venue (for up to two dozen vendors)

2. Potential Dates

  • Ideally provide a choice of 3 dates when the venue(s) will be available, preferably during the summer months for 4 consecutive days and evenings.

3. Estimate of maximum capacity

  • Estimate the maximum capacity for workshops, plenary sessions, concerts.
  • Estimate the maximum number of rooms/venue sites available for use.
  • Estimate the number of drums and stands that can be collected/borrowed from local sources and/or readily brought in from outside the local area. (200 or more drums may be needed)

4. Housing and Meal options

  • List dorms or hotels with estimated costs and distance from the conference site
  • Describe the number/types of local food courts, restaurants, food trucks, etc available on site or within easy walking distance of the venue. Include an estimated cost of meals for 500 people.
  • Estimate the cost to cater food if no other options are readily available nearby.

5. Support Network

  • Is your group a 501(c)3 nonprofit? If not, please list and describe your fiscal sponsor for the project and your relationship to the fiscal sponsor.
  • What local taiko groups would be involved in Hosting the 2017 NATC in your area?
  • What other support groups/organizations do you work with locally (e.g. temples, churches, community groups) that can assist you with your local Host responsibilities? Or do you plan to recruit? If so, who and how do you plan to recruit?
  • Provide estimated numbers and sources for volunteers.
  • Describe your previous experience in presenting or hosting a major conference

6. Budget considerations

  • What is the estimated total cost for your recommended venue(s)?
  • Describe the local philanthropic climate for the arts in your area and please list specific funders you currently think can be approached to help support the NATC coming to your community in 2017. Are there other area funders/resources you think might provide support? Please list them.

7. Qualifications
Please give a brief description of your qualifications to host NATC 2017. Include the names and affiliations of likely members of your Host Committee, and identify likely key leadership for the project. Please cite any previous experience you have in hosting/producing large conferences, gatherings, meetings or concerts. Please provide background information on key organizers if appropriate. Tell us why you want to host NATC 2017 and what makes your community especially “taiko” friendly..

We encourage you to send any additional support materials with your proposal, including up to 3 letters of support.

8. Timeline

  • A 2017 NATC RFP information meeting will be held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas during this year’s NATC on Sunday morning (8:30am-9:30am), June 14 at the Student Union, Room 222. Attendance is recommended but not required for submission of a 2017 NATC proposal.
  • The Deadline for submitting your RFP is Monday, August 17, 2015
  • TCA Questions and clarifications regarding your proposal must be answered and returned to TCA no later than Monday, August 24, 2015
  • Final selection of the 2017 NATC site will be made by the TCA Board of Directors at its October, 2015 meeting.
  • Official/public announcement of the 2017 NATC site will be made in Fall, 2015.
  • A required MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between TCA and the 2017 NATC Host will be expected to be completed in January, 2016.

Please note: TCA reserves the right to change and modify proposed NATC 2017 descriptions, format and timelines as described in this RFP, for scheduling and budgetary purposes.

Taiko Community Alliance
PO Box 26895
San Jose, CA 95159

North American Taiko Conference Committee Chair: Stan Shikuma