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Creative Practice Drum Solutions – How to Practice at Home

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With or without a drum, how are folx tailoring their at-home (or elsewhere) practice setups to continue playing despite space, noise, equipment endurance, or other restrictions?

  1. Where drum access /noise restrictions are a factor for some of our members, we have been using
    -Tires with a layer of rubber exercise mats attached – to reduce the initial peak of sound when striking the tread.
    -Air drumming with empty flat hands
    – Air drumming with fans/uchiwa exaggerating the palm-orientation and also giving feedback via wind resistance
    -Adding weight to tight skins, thus lowering the pitch, and being kinder to at least the ears in the room.
    – For variety/stress redirection, using Dog squeaky/grunty toys instead of kuchishouga
    -Turning the lights off in our zoom rehearsals for some toy lightsaber air drumming !
    -Outdoor rehearsals 12′ apart/mid-winter.
    -Popup Driveway Taiko Tour( solo or one person per vehicle)! Playing a few pieces in friend’s/neighbor’s driveways, before going to the next neighborhood. 6 to 12 hour tours provided lots of playing time, with minimal noise impact per location.

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