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Drum Building/Repair

4 months agoopen1

Anything you can think of related to creating and repairing drums (whether they’re made of wood, tire rubber, or something extra creative). Add your areas of interest in the comments section!

  1. -Responding to stave drum cracks during skin tightening.
    -People’s experiences with softening the skin/ aiming for a warmer sound.
    – Wine-barrel taiko with plywood inserts can have wide Wintertime cracks, and lose air/sound out the side. Let’s share experiences/ideas for fixing the acoustics.
    -Adding weight to the underside of practice drum skins, to get a lower and ‘bigger Chudaiko’ sound.
    Labor-saving,/semi-budget alternatives to Barrel Taiko shells.
    “I lost my TaikoBuzz!!” -Acoustic trouble shooting of Taiko shells, skins, hardware.
    Yes please! -What’s YOUR updated skin source?

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