Inter-Collegiate Taiko Invitational (ITI) 2023 – GoFundMe Event

We hope you will help support us for the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational 2023! This event is an educational opportunity for collegiate taiko players to improve their skills to better their teams and themselves. Taiko masters from all over the West Coast are coming to ITI this year to help further this mission and foster the next generation of taiko players.

In the spirit of this being the first year back after the COVID-19 pandemic, our theme is Hisashiburi! We have been fortunate enough to recruit the legendary talents of San Jose Taiko, UnitOne, Shasta Taiko, Kinnara Taiko, and many more. It is an incredible opportunity that Bakuhatsu and Raijin are very excited to collaborate on, however, this is quite the endeavor for us to organize this year.

We have a goal of $10,000! All funds raised are going towards booking facilities, paying instructors and for their accommodations, along with hospitality charges such as catering.

Click the provided link to donate and we appreciate any and all donations to help us realize this goal and be able to have the means to host this unique event.  Please specify which team you are donating on behalf of. The team that generates the highest amount will get FREE ITI T-Shirts!

We can’t thank you enough!

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