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Taiko and Community Engagement

What are best practices for building partnerships with community organizations, planning appropriate activities, fundraising to support your work, and the many other actions that go into successfully and impactfully engaging a community through taiko?


Whether you’re an experienced composer, fledgling composer, or somewhere in between, this topic is for you if you’re wanting to learn more about how taiko composition is approached by individuals in the taiko community.

Talk Story: Life in a Youth Group

Many organizations present a separate program for the younger demographic, which often requires a different administrative and instructional approach. This informal sharing session offers an opportunity to discuss the many challenges, solutions, and joys of growing and maintaining a

Event Coordination

How do events go from ideas to realities? If you want to learn about the ins-and-outs of coordinating an event from dreaming to planning to execution, this topic is for you. Events can vary in size, scope, and intention, so this topic is open to flexible discourse around the must-haves and the

Fitness & Injury Prevention for Taiko Players

Taiko can hurt. (But it’s a good hurt, right?) Playing taiko can take a toll on our bodies. If you want to explore best practices for preventing injury in your taiko playing and effectively developing your fitness along the way, then this is the topic for you.

Audio Engineering

If you’ve ever thought about, tried to, or aspire to produce a recording or a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization, dynamics processing and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound, then this is the topic for you.

Video Recording

These days, cellphones can do anything; but, if you are wanting to learn about video recording concepts such as best practices, tools of the trade, a deeper understanding of video recording practices, and anything else video recording related, this is the topic for you.

Taiko and Healing/Taiko and Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a long-standing and ever-expanding tool for healing and well-being. How are music therapists incorporating taiko into their practices? What are some of the ways that taiko is being used to promote healing within our community and within ourselves? This topic is for you if you

Marketing Strategies

How are you marketing your group, your school, your own talents, your products – anything that you are trying to share with the world? This topic is for you if you want to uncover new ideas for brainstorming and building a content strategy, positioning your branding, building a communications

Grant Funding Strategies

If you are in the taiko community, you know that grant funding has paved the way for making many taiko projects, adventures, and events into realities. This topic is for you if you would like to learn about strategies to bolster your grant-writing prowess; let’s get you funded!