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Group Presentations, Mergers & Acquisitions

On Sunday morning, each of the 12 groups from the Design Thinking Workshops presented their new idea for a TCA project. Each group read the description of their “user”, then had 3 minutes to describe their project/innovation.

After all the groups presented, there was a 5-minute period where “mergers and acquisitions” could be negotiated. During this time, groups could consolidate their ideas. Mergers would be mutually-agreed upon collaborations. Acquisitions primarily occurred for ideas that would be taken on and executed within the construct of the NATC.


The session was very lively and fun, but three primary ideas emerged after the mergers and acquisitions period. These were:

  • A new web-based resource hub
  • A “Masters” Retreat to complement NATC
  • New programs/resources for NATC, including:
    • A “Taiko Doctor” booth (where groups can get individualized advice and support)
    • A “Taiko Buddy” program, that extends the existing mentorship concept to other aspects, such as technology

These ideas were then taken to the “Timeline-ing” Session.

NOTE: A fourth idea for a “Taiko X-Box Game” also emerged as a distinct idea after the mergers and acquisitions period. However, the consensus was that this would not be undertaken by TCA in the next two years.


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