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Guiding Principles Discussion

The second part of the Saturday Morning discussion was about guiding principles. Participants gathered in new groups. Each group was assigned a core value, and a designated facilitator led the group in crafting Guiding Principles to describe desired behaviors and useful mental models that will help the organization members enliven the core value.

Step 1 was Brainstorming. The groups first crafted a “How To” question. Then generated answered the “How To” question on post-its.

Step 2 was Analyzing. Groups looked for affinities in ideas and sorted their ideas into logical groupings. Then they made up a header or central idea for the grouping.

Step 3 was Crafting. Here the group selected the 4-6 most important guiding principles and worked in subgroups to craft statements that appropriately express the ideas and mental models behind the principle.

After these principles were crafted, there was a 3-minute report out to the large group.

pdf-iconGuiding Principles Presentation


After the guiding principles were decided and drafted, the draft language was given to a small committee for word-smithing. This will be published on the TCA website in mid-September.


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