Leadership Program 2023

Technical Aspects of Leadership Live Webinar

February 21, and March 5, 2023

Please join TCA for its second public session of this year’s Leadership Program as we explore and discuss focused technical aspects of leadership.  During this session, Tamiko Ooka (Chairperson of Soh Daiko), Dana Johnson (performing member and president of Ho Etsu Taiko), Roy Hirabayashi (co-founder of San Jose Taiko), and Derek Oye (member of Kinnara Taiko) will lead facilitated small group discussions around 4 topics of leadership. During our time together, we will dive into technical aspects of leadership by exploring case studies and workshopping through challenges. This will be a space to ask questions, receive feedback, learn some tips and tricks, and hear from lived experiences from our session leaders and each other. 

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