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Join the Taiko Community Alliance!

Become a Member of the Taiko Community Alliance!

By becoming a member of the Taiko Community Alliance, you can make a significant difference in helping to preserve and advance the art of taiko. Your membership is tax-deductible and supports not only TCA’s ongoing operational costs, but also future programming.

Membership Levels:

  • $10 Student Membership
  • $50 Regular Membership
  • $1000 Lifetime Membership (installment payments available!)
  • Pay As You Can (Starting at $10)*

Pay As You Can Membership: A 2020 Initiative

We recognize that 2020 has been a time of particular hardship for many in the taiko community, and we want to ensure that everyone who wants to be a part of the Taiko Community Alliance can be. As such, in 2021 we are offering a “Pay As You Can” option for joining TCA.

If you are experiencing financial hardship that would prevent you from joining TCA at our Regular member rate, we invite you to join at an open sliding-scale rate starting at $10. Simply choose “Pay As You Can” when prompted to select your Membership Level below and enter a rate of your choice starting at $10.

Joining TCA in 2021 will help us accen-CHU-ate the positive by building the taiko future we want together! A membership with TCA directly supports every one of our programs and community initiatives and empowers you to enjoy the following benefits:
  • TCA MARKETPLACE: Now open! A new virtual shopping arcade connecting taiko practitioners and suppliers near and far. TCA members are able to list themselves on the marketplace at no additional cost! 
  • REGIONAL CONSORTIUMS: Launching this year to link taiko enthusiasts within and between regions across North America. Stay tuned for news about virtual meet-ups in your area!
  • TCA PARTNER PROGRAM: Enjoy member discounts from vendors on our list of valued TCA Partners such as Asano Taiko U.S., Taiko with Toni, TaikoMom Bachi Bags, Taiko Cat, taiko.biz, Marco Lienhard/Taikoza, Kollodiworks, and tsugaruterry!
  • EXPLORE COMMUNITY: With resources like our monthly TCA Beat e-newsletter, TCA’s annual Taikothon (October 25th!), and the TCA Community Calendar, you need never feel left out!

Learn more about how your membership with the Taiko Community Alliance empowers the taiko community and advances the art of taiko through our 2020-2021 Membership Pamphlet below. Want to share this information with someone? Click here to download the PDF.

TCA Regional Membership – How is your region represented?

Below is a list of the number of members within each region as self-identified by our membership. How is your region represented within TCA?
Last updated 11/26/2020

Note: “International” refers to all regions outside of North America.

East Coast
Pacific Northwest



The South

The South