Membership Campaign 2016 Wrap-Up

Our membership campaign in 2016 is over. Thank you to all who joined! Because of you we were able to meet our California Arts Council grant match.

As a TCA member you will receive discounted and early registration to NATC 2017, and access to our new Partners Program. And a few lucky TCA members are also winners of our Member Raffle for 2016.

Thank you for helping us meet our California Arts Council grant!


In May of this year, TCA received $21,250 as part of the Statewide Regional Networks Grant from the California Arts Council.  This grant program is part of the CAC’s vision to nurture collaborative service organizations and networks that advance the arts and artists in the state.  TCA is tasked with matching the amount of the grant.  Your membership fees allow us to meet the match.

Benefits for TCA Members

Here’s a recap of benefits that TCA members can look forward to this year.

TCA Members will receive DISCOUNTED registration and EARLY ACCESS to workshop registration for NATC 2017!



We’re excited to see all of you at UC San Diego for the North American Taiko Conference from August 10-13, 2017!  Join or renew your TCA membership by 11:59 PM Pacific time on December 10th to additionally receive EARLY ACCESS to NATC workshop selection!

TCA’s New Partner Program

PartnerProgram (1)

TCA members will receive discounts to some of the taiko community’s most popular vendors like Taiko with Toni, Asano Taiko U.S., TaikoMom Bachi bags and MORE!

2016 Member Raffle Winners

Finally, we are happy to announce the winners of our final Member Raffle of 2016!  Congratulations to all the winners and our heartfelt thanks to those who donated prizes.

TCA Misters
Arn Shimizu
Christopher Wong
Kuni Kondo
Carol Okuda
Carol Stevenson

TCA Sunglasses
Rie Hayashi
Grady Spors
Lily-Nou Bradtke
Warren Macdonald
Laureen Watanabe

TaikoCat Shirts
TaikoCat_Scoop_3530 (1) Elaine Miyamura
Tara Venkatraman
Brenda Madsen
Matthew Tom

The Genki Spark Shirts

Genki T-shirt Collage2 (1)Rhodinne Wang
Alaina Kwan
Wendy Hamai
Linda Uyechi

Johnny Mori Signature Bachi
Virginia Herte
Hiroshi Tanaka
Akemi Imai
Reba Condon

Soh Daiko Tshirt

soh daiko
Margaret Chan

Soh Daiko DVD
Lovelle Yano

Hinode Taiko “Young at Heart” Pack

HinodeTaiko_YoungAtHeart_pack (1)
Keith Nishimura

Hinode Taiko “Get Up and Go” Pack

HinodeTaiko_GetUp&Go_pack (1)
Vicky Phan

Congratulations also to the winners of our previous Halloween raffle!

TCA Misters
John Kolojejchick
Benjamin Pachter
Jack Hsiao
Morgan Mican*
Elaine Miyamura
*Morgan is a 2nd time winner!

TCA Sunglasses
Rebecca Kay
Jill Ackerman
Michelle Kodama
Beverly Murata
B.T. Franklin