Bruce Davis: My Musical Journey

I grew up in New York City. In third grade, my parents enrolled me in a new experimental music program at my local elementary school. Once accepted, for the following 3 years of elementary school, 4th grade, I would spend two hours a day in school, learning and practicing music. Every day. In elementary school! How amazing is that?!

In 3rd grade, the instrument my parents and I requested for me to play was the drums. Unfortunately, the new drum set never arrived to my school, and after 3 weeks of me sitting around the new music room waiting for drums to arrive, the music instructor put a trumpet in my hand and said, “Bruce, play the trumpet.” So I did that for a few more years (hardly enthused!)

Eventually (another story) I migrated to playing left-handed guitar and then very happily, became a reasonably successful professional songwriter, nonprofit producer and fundraiser.

Music was now forever a part of my life, personally and professionally. As a producer, presenter and funder of ethnic dance and music festivals, I fell in love with taiko.

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