NATC 2015: Request for Proposals


The planning process for the 2015 North American Taiko Conference (NATC) has begun. If you are forming a committee to explore options for hosting NATC 2015, please refer to the instructions below and make contact with NATC Committee Chairman, Stan Shikuma at

Request for Proposal: 2015 NATC
TCA is putting out a Request for Proposal (RFP) from groups, sites, cities or regions interested in hosting the next North American Taiko Conference in 2015. We are looking for a venue and an organizing committee that can accommodate between 500-900 taiko players for a 4-day conference featuring workshops, discussions, concerts/performances, plenary sessions, a taiko marketplace, and social activities for participants.

The local host committee will primarily be responsible for logistics: reserving venues, securing equipment for workshops (taiko and stands of various types), recruiting volunteers, and arranging local ground transportation, lodging and food for participants as needed. The NATC Committee of the TCA and the Conference Coordinator (to be hired in 2014) will be responsible for program content: vetting workshop leaders and topics, choosing discussion group themes, setting plenary session agendas, hiring concert performers, etc.

A successful RFP should include:

1. Reserving of a suitable site(s) or venue(s) for NATC (proposals may want to include available a/v capabilities for each space)
a) Auditorium – for plenary sessions; must be capable of seating all participants, staff and volunteers
b) Workshop spaces – minimum of 16 sites able to accommodate 20-40 participants; most workshops will require enough space to set up drums for each participant
c) Theater – a mainstage theatre for Taiko Jam concert capable of seating a minimum of 1200 (if smaller, we may need to run Taiko Jam for 2 shows – Sat night and Sun afternoon)
d) Performance space – an outdoor (or other less formal venue) for Taiko Ten, a free concert
e) Pre-Conference Reception venue
f) Taiko Marketplace venue

2. Potential Dates
– Ideally provide a choice of 3 dates when the venue(s) will be available, preferably during the summer months (traditionally July or August).

3. Estimate of maximum capacity
– Estimate the maximum capacity for workshops, plenary sessions, concerts.
– Estimate the maximum number of rooms/venue sites available for use.
– Estimate the number of drums and stands that can be collected/borrowed from local sources and/or readily brought in from outside the local area.

4. Housing and Meal options
– List dorms or hotels with estimated costs and distance from the conference site
– Describe the number/types of local food courts, restaurants, food trucks, etc available on site or within easy walking distance of the venue. Include an estimated cost of meals.
– Estimate the cost to cater food if no other options are readily available nearby.

5. Support Network
– What local taiko groups are involved?
– What other groups/organizations are supporting you (e.g. temples, churches, community groups) or do you plan to recruit?
– Provide estimated numbers and sources for volunteers.

6. Budget considerations
– What is the estimated total cost for venue(s)?
– Describe any potential for raising local funds (grants, donations) to support NATC.

7. Qualifications
Please give a brief description of your qualifications to host NATC 2015. Include the names and affiliations of members of your host committee, and identify the chair or co-chairs. Mention any previous experience you have in hosting large conferences, gatherings or meetings. Provide background information on key organizers if appropriate. Tell us why you want to host NATC 2015 and what makes your proposal special.

8. Timeline
The Deadline for submitting your RFP is November 30, 2013.
Questions and clarifications will be returned by December 15, 2013.
Final selection will be made by December 31, 2013.
Official/public announcement of site in January 2014.

Email your RFP to Stan Shikuma at

If you have any questions or are forming an exploratory committee and are researching proposal options, please contact Stan Shikuma.