Announcing the 2019 NATC Coordinator

2019 Coordinator Announcement (1)


TCA is excited to announce Terry Nguyen as our 2019 North American Taiko Conference coordinator. Terry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position, having most recently planned the 2017 NATC in San Diego, and having previously served as Assistant Coordinator for NATC 2009 and intern in 2007.

Terry is excited to be back with TCA coordinating another conference. However, her work with TCA has never truly stopped. Since her contract officially closed in September of 2017, Terry has continued to volunteer her time as a member of the NATC Committee, helping to make key NATC 2019 infrastructure decisions around facilities, budgeting, and programming.

Her drive to help the taiko community comes from one of her mentors, the late Tom Kurai. “When [Rev. Tom] fell ill, through all hospital visits and sadness, it was comforting for me to see how the community rallied around him. After his passing, I had a revelation that the individual needs the community as much as the community needs the individual.“

We are truly honored to have Terry back in the driver’s seat for NATC 2019, and we can’t wait to see what plans are in the works. In 2017, Terry and her staff introduced some interesting innovations to NATC including the new Mini Intensive program, a new, experimental schedule that optimized use of workshop space, a workshop placement algorithm, and two Summer Taiko Institute programs.

2019’s NATC already has some interesting changes in the works. We can look forward to a new conference schedule calling for workshops on Saturday and Sunday, following a Welcome Reception on Friday night rather than the traditional Thursday welcome with workshops on Friday and Saturday. Mini Intensives are making a welcome return, and Taiko Ten will be combined with the Friday reception.

One thing will not be changing – NATC’s spirit and the opportunity to bring the community together. Terry’s drive remains centered in building community, and continuing the legacy of the giants on whose shoulders we stand. “I saw the need in NATC Comm and decided to come back for the community; for Rev. Tom—because had it not been for him, I would not be blessed with all the friendships that I have formed because of taiko.”

Gambatte Terry! We’re all ready to get to work with you.