New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF) Supports Taiko Voices

New Generation Nikkei Fund


TCA has been awarded $2500 from the New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF) to support TCA’s Taiko Voices project, a collaboration between artists from San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kinnara Taiko, and San Jose Taiko to create a piece to commemorate the 50th anniversary of taiko in North America and to be shared with the taiko community. Founded in 2013 by young Japanese Americans, NGNF recognizes the contributions of the first and second generation Japanese Americans by encouraging young Nikkei to continue to support their community.

TCA is delighted to be a recipient of an NGNF grant and to have the Taiko Voices project recognized as an important contribution to the Japanese American community.


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