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Taiko Census

The 2020 Taiko Census is Happening NOW!

Collection for the 2020 Taiko Census is now closed.

From November 1 – December 31, 2020

Stay tuned for our 2020 Taiko Census report, now in progress!


What is the Census?

The Taiko Census is a periodic snapshot of individual data on taiko players worldwide. TCA sponsors the census to deepen our understanding of our community, document the spread of the art form, guide our programming, and support our search for additional resources to benefit the taiko community.

The 2020 Taiko Census will build upon the snapshots taken in 2013 and 2016. We are collecting information on individual taiko practices and piecing together a picture of how many people and groups make up our broad taiko community.

Intended deliverables from this year’s Taiko Census also include the beginnings of an international directory of taiko groups, as well as a report of the findings that will be publicly shared and available for anyone to use, including in your own hunt for grant funding, if applicable. Reports from the 2016 Taiko Census are available below for your reference.

Help us help the taiko community and share this page with your taiko network so everyone can #getcounted and be a part of our 2020 taiko community snapshot!

2020 Taiko Census Reports

2020 Taiko Census Report (PDF)

2016 Taiko Census Reports

State of the Art: A Taiko Census Webinar

State of the Art Webinar Slides (PPT slides)

2016 Taiko Census Report (PDF)

Taiko in the UK: Key Findings from Taiko Census 2016 (PDF)

Taiko Census Blog Posts

The Taiko Network – How Our Community is Connected

Have you ever thought about how we are all connected in the taiko community? As promised, Taiko Census team member Josh Yoon utilized data collected from our 2020 Taiko Census and generated our first-ever Taiko Social Network – a visual representation of the ties we share as taiko players in an ever-growing community.

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