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Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group (CTAG)


The Collegiate Taiko Advisory Group (CTAG) regularly provides support for collegiate groups who host the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational (ITI) on the West Coast and the East Coast Taiko Conference (ECTC). CTAG members are available for regular meetings to share best practices for event planning, provide suggestions for working with their campus resources, advise on taiko community resources, and serve as liaison with taiko instructors. CTAG shares useful documents compiled from previous gatherings, including a master timeline, budgeting templates, and sample Letters of Agreement for students to use in their event planning.

Members of CTAG
Jane Lin
Alan Okada
Ben Pachter
Steve Sano
Linda Uyechi
Sarah Gilbert
Gloria Kum

CTAG-supported ITI Hosts
2019, Stanford Taiko
2018, Senryu Taiko (UC Riverside)
2016, Bakuhatsu Taiko (UC Davis)
2015, Jodaiko (UC Irvine)

CTAG-supported ECTC Hosts
2020, UConn Kodama Taiko
2019, Yamatai Taiko (Cornell University)
2018, Stony Brook Taiko Tides
2017, Gendo Taiko (Brown University)

Collegiate Taiko gatherings awarded TCA Grants
2019 ITI, Stanford Taiko
2019 ECTC, Yamatai Taiko (Cornell University)
2018 ITI, Senryu Taiko (UC Riverside)
2018 ECTC, Stony Brook Taiko Tides
2017 ITI, UCLA Kyodo Taiko and Yukai Daiko

Collegiate Taiko gatherings receiving TCA Sponsorship
2020 ECTC, Kodama Taiko (UConn)
2020 ITI, Asayake Taiko (UC San Diego)