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Leadership Program

The Taiko Community Alliance Leadership Program is a webinar series to uplift important topics around the taiko community and assist with technical aspects of administrative leadership as it pertains to taiko.  All sessions are delivered virtually and align with the goals of the Leadership Program which include:

  1. Provide skills and resources in effective leadership
  2. Introduction to important concepts and trends for multicultural arts organizations and administrators, as it relates to taiko groups
  3. Develop a network of community minded leaders

Click to button below to register for an upcoming session.  See session descriptions below.

Technical Workshop and Discussion 

February 21, 2023

Please join TCA for its second public session of this year’s Leadership Program as we explore and discuss focused technical aspects of leadership.  During this session, Tamiko Ooka (Chairperson of Soh Daiko), Dana Johnson (performing member and president of Ho Etsu Taiko), Roy Hirabayashi (co-founder of San Jose Taiko), and Derek Oye (member of Kinnara Taiko) will lead facilitated small group discussions around 4 topics of leadership. During our time together, we will dive into technical aspects of leadership by exploring case studies and workshopping through challenges. This will be a space to ask questions, receive feedback, learn some tips and tricks, and hear from lived experiences from our session leaders and each other. In order to tailor these sessions to community needs, we are asking participants to select their top 3 discussion topics during registration. 

This session will hone in and focus on technical aspects of leadership, but open to all. We invite anyone in our community to attend. Please come with a growth mindset, and be ready to discuss and share. 

Register here to receive the meeting link via email 24 hours before the session.

History of Taiko in Hawaii

January 25, 2023
Please join TCA for its first public session of 2023’s Leadership Program as we explore the history of taiko in Hawaii through an engaging panel discussion between Kay Fukumoto (Maui Taiko), Reverend Shuji Komagata (Hawaii Matsuri Taiko and Somei Taiko), and Paul Sakamoto (Puna Taiko). As we look ahead to gathering in Hilo, Hawai’i for the North American Taiko Conference Regional, we will explore taiko’s rich history on the islands, discovering the interconnected stories of the past that help inform our present.
Use this link https://form.jotform.com/223477454734968 to register and receive the meeting link via email 24 hours before the session on January 25th, 2023, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Hawai’ian Time (HST)