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Community Calendar


What is the TCA Community Calendar?

The decision to create a community calendar for members of the taiko community was driven by TCA’s commitment to empower the members of that community. The goal is to provide a platform for individuals and ensembles alike to share news about their work while also making events more easily accessible to the public. By creating one centralized location to search for events and opportunities worldwide, we are aiming to make the art of taiko more accessible than ever before. 

This tool is not meant to replace current popular event-sharing platforms (e.g., Facebook events), but rather provide a space to more easily discover events and then navigate to their external links for more information, if needed.

How to Use the TCA Community Calendar

To list your event on our community calendar, simply fill out the Submit a Listing form. Events listed on the site will direct those who find them to the event information you provide, so all we need from you is a link to any available information and (optionally) a few photos to draw attention to your listing.

A World Full of Taiko

Once an artist, ensemble, or institute lists an event on the Community Calendar, an “Artist Profile” is created to host that event. Profiles are primarily intended to let visitors know who is hosting the event, but also serve to let you know where in the world are all of these artists? Take a look at our world map to see who’s out there!

If you would like your artist, ensemble, or institute’s profile added to the ComCal, please fill out our Submit a Listing form.

Questions about the Community Calendar?

Reach out to us at taikocalendar@taikocommunityalliance.org or fill out the contact form on the Community Calendar site.