Congratulations to TCA’s Inaugural RGS Participants!

We are excited to announce the inaugural participants in TCA’s 2022 Regional Gathering Series (RGS 2022). The groups and gatherings listed below will bring together local participants from within their respective regions to take part in a wide array of taiko activities. These may include (but are not limited to) workshops, discussion sessions, and performances of taiko that highlight groups from within their local region. And, no surprise, we’re finding that potlucks are also a popular component of these local gatherings. (We’ll start looking through TikTok for recipes.)

Congratulations to…

The Alberta Taiko Community –

Harisen Daiko –
Minnesotan Taiko Potluck and Drum Jam

San Diego Taiko –
TaikoPalooza 2022

Triangle Taiko & Earth Spirit Taiko –
The 2022 North Carolina Taiko Gathering (NCTG22)

We’ll be coordinating with each group to share information about their respective events as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

While the North American Taiko Conference (NATC) has been held nearly every other year since 1997 and specifically coordinated and hosted by TCA since 2015, this event has – for one reason or another – been predominantly hosted along the west coast. The 2022 RGS opens up additional opportunities for TCA’s resources to support local taiko communities throughout North America, and it is our hope to continue building opportunities for experience and capacity-building in these areas as we aim to bring NATC to more locales.

We are excited to be able to support local leaders and our regional taiko communities in bringing their gatherings to life throughout 2022. Like NATC, TCA will have a Regional Gatherings Committee (RGC) in place throughout the conclusion of each RGS-sponsored event. The members of this committee will offer support as requested by the coordinating hosts, which, in addition to financial support, may include advising leaders in the coordination and implementation of their event plans.

It’s our hope that the decades of experience our RGC members possess in leading successful taiko community gatherings can be passed along to and further benefit our taiko communities at the local level wherever that support is requested. And by extension, we cannot wait to learn more about these communities, their passion for taiko, and their hopes for the future of taiko in their region (and beyond).

Congratulations on taking these first steps – we’ll see you all in 2022!

San Diego Taiko to host TaikoPalooza 2022 – a celebratory gathering of local San Diego taiko groups with their families and friends. The event may include invited performances/demos, jam session(s), and a potluck.

The Alberta Taiko Community will celebrate their common love of taiko while strengthening local connections by hosting a regional gathering under the theme “STRONGER TOGETHER”. To meet their objectives of bringing taiko players together, improving and forging new networks, and sharing knowledge together while partaking in opportunities for personal development and growth, the event intends to feature workshops, discussion sessions, social times, and performance opportunities. 

The 2022 North Carolina Taiko Gathering (NCTG22) will be hosted by Triangle Taiko (Raleigh, NC) and Earth Spirit Taiko (Asheboro, NC) along with partnering organization The Nippon Club of the Triangle. As the only 2 taiko groups in North Carolina, both will come together to celebrate significant milestones – Triangle Taiko’s 20th anniversary and Earth Spirit Taiko’s 15th anniversary – while bringing together additional groups throughout the southeast region and increasing awareness of taiko in the North Carolina public community.  

Harisen Daiko will bring together a Minnesotan taiko potluck and drum jam to bring together local Minnesotan taiko groups with a goal of renewing and strengthening the bonds of the taiko community in Minnesota.

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