TCA Launch: Interview Subjects Sought

Sorry! We’re FULL!!

We are looking for 50 volunteers from the taiko community to participate as interview subjects. The information gathered in these interviews will be used in one of the activities that will be held at the TCA Launch Meeting at Stanford, August 23-25, 2013. The purpose of this activity is to bring the voice of the community “into the room” during the discussions.

ChatBubblesThank you for your interest in volunteering to be an interview subject! We had an overwhelming response, and we now have the 50 participants that we need. If you’d still like to relay your thoughts to the members of the taiko community who are attending the August 23-25th Launch Meeting, please feel free to fill out the form below.

ALSO: We will be launching a large-scale survey of the taiko community NEXT WEEK. We are calling it a “Taiko Census” because we want EVERYONE who plays taiko to answer the survey. It will only be available from July 22nd to August 2nd, so we need everyone to spread the word within their taiko groups. Please help us spread the word, so that we can ensure that TCA gets true feedback from our growing community!

And you can still show your support for TCA by making a small donation! These initial donations will help fund meals and administrative expenses for the August 23-25th Launch Meeting at Stanford University.